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10 Year Anniversary Thoughts

  Looking back to 2005 and comparing it to the company we are today is mind-boggling. In 2005 we did $730,000 in sales revenue. That is for the whole year.  We do that much in 5 days now. In 2005…

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Managers or Leaders?

At one time or another we have probably worked for a good manager. They are great at directing groups, often intensely focused, and they know how to exercise their power and communicate to their employees. In short, they get things…

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Giving Nature of FCR Colleagues

I am always impressed with how giving our colleagues are of their time and money to help those in need. As a company we have formed and support Community Alliance Teams at each of our sites. They were formed with…

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When One Door Closes Another Opens

When we do our culture sessions at FCR I usually start with a bit of my life story. Not the resume variety but the long strange road that lead me to today.  Life is full of random events that change…

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The Importance of Call Center Jobs

  I often read disparaging remarks about call center jobs. These articles lament the decline in high paying manufacturing and timber jobs while claiming they are being replaced with low paying call center jobs, implying the economy is weaker as…

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Fairness and a Sports Metaphor Gone Wild

When writing thoughts on our values sometimes it helps to look up a definition because many times we come at our values from different perspectives but the literal definition is something that is clear to all. Definition #1: Conformity with…

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On Loyalty

  One definition of loyalty is  “a strong feeling of support or allegiance” – Google Dictionary When we chose loyalty as a value we viewed it as something to aspire to – having colleagues and clients who are loyal to…

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On Leadership

  Lead, follow or get out of the way. I love that saying because to me it exemplifies the importance of teamwork. Leaders need followers and followers need leaders. People who are not one or the other get in the…

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On Accountability

  Being accountable for our actions says so much about who we are as a company and as individuals.  Personally, I want to be held accountable for my actions. I fully accept responsibility for what I do or what I…

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On Collaboration

  What better word than collaboration to describe the environment we want at FCR.  Its fundamental definition is about working together to achieve a common goal.  It is a word that embodies both Colleague and Community. As you know, we…

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