Change the World in 20 Seconds or Less

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Ever have one of those days where you’re trying to cram a week’s worth of work into eight hours. You know those times where you seemingly lose touch of your need for basic things like food and it’s only compounded by other circumstances in life that aren’t going your way?

I recently found myself having a day like that. On the scale of hard days with 1 being easy to 10 being really difficult, this day was like a 12. Lo and behold it was 3pm and I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch. Famished, I ran downstairs to the Mezza Luna Pizzeria near our office to grab a quick slice and a Coke.

When I approached the cash register, the young lady behind the counter greeted me with a smile and the dialog went something like this:

Cashier: “Hi! How are you today.”
Me: “I’m doing fine”
Cashier: “What can I get for you?”
Me: “I’d love a slice of pizza and a coke.”
Cashier: “Great, that’ll be $X.XX. You can go ahead and swipe your card when ready.”
Me: [Swipes payment card] Cashier: “Oooo I’m sorry but your card didn’t work. Do you want to try again?”
Me: “Ugh. I know I said I’m doing fine but this day has been anything BUT fine and this credit card issue is just one of many things.” [As payment finally goes through] Cashier: [Hands me my Coke] “I’m sorry to hear that. I really hope this day gets better for you soon!”

I got my pizza and headed back upstairs to pick up where I left off. When I sat down at my desk to get back to work, I opened up my slice of pizza. To my surprise, my receipt was there as well and on the back of it the cashier had written:

“May the rest of your day be filled with love and joy! Happy Tuesday. ♥ Mezza Luna”


Do you remember how my hard day that was a 12 out of 10 in difficulty? In a matter of a moment and with a simple gesture that probably took 20 seconds to write, the difficulty level of my day reduced to about a 3.

I work with an extraordinary group of colleagues here at FCR who aim to empathize and connect with customers, like myself, who are contacting customer service from a tough place. I also know how difficult a job it is to do this authentically on each and every interaction with customers— especially when my colleagues often get little to no validation in the moment from the customer that it made any sort of difference.

I’m here to tell my colleagues and anyone else who spends that extra 20 seconds adding an extra bit of personal touch to their customer interactions that it IS noticed, it IS appreciated, and it DOES make a difference! Influence someone’s day for the better and make the world a better place!


Sheri Kendall-duPont
Manager of Colleague & Leadership Development

Sheri Kendall-duPont’s passion for creating positive change within organizations led her to FCR. In her current role as the Manager of Colleague and Leadership Development she has developed programs that have inspired those in leadership to create a coaching culture.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Northwestern Christian University and a Master’s Degree in Training and Development from Roosevelt University. Her career in education began in 1999 and since then she has developed workplace learning opportunities for non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, government agencies, healthcare organizations and contact centers. Follow Sheri on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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