Crack The Customer Code In The Contact Center

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Customer service and experience experts, Adam Toporek of Customers That Stick and Jeannie Walters from 360Connext regularly team up to produce the Crack The Customer Code podcast.  Their talks are broken into nice, bite size chunks and feature interviews with business leaders from a variety of industries, discussion of the latest trends in customer experience, and my favorite segment, Customer Hero, Customer Zero.
I recently had the privilege of joining them on the show to talk about contact centers and specifically the impact we have on the customer experience in our work at FCR.  I talked about the importance of building a fun, exciting culture where employees are valued.  Employees who are treated well are much more likely to deliver a great customer service experience for our clients.  


Click here to listen to the interview, but don’t stop there.  Subscribe to Crack The Customer Code and listen to Adam and Jeannie every week.  Your customers will thank you when you put their advice into practice in your business.


Jeremy Watkin Head of Quality FCR

Jeremy Watkin
Head of Quality

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