Why We Are Different

FCR is the premier provider of outsourced live agent call center and business process solutions. We provide a wide range of outsourced contact centers, business processes, and social networking solutions to industries that include high-tech, internet, e-retail services, telecom, healthcare, finance, travel, transportation, insurance, and various new economy sectors.

 Our mission is to provide innovative support for innovative companies. We strive to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest cost to our clients. To accomplish that, we are building a new class of high-quality, domestic-based contact and business process outsourcing centers right here in the United States. With seven contact centers across the states of Oregon and Montana, FCR operates facilities in Roseburg, Grants Pass, Coos Bay, Veneta, Eugene, Independence, Oregon, and Great Falls and Butte, Montana. Our centers are filled with dedicated and creative colleagues who help take our client’s business to the next level.

FCR currently supports more than 80 clients and employs over 3,000 colleagues. We are changing the face of the outsourcing industry, one call, email, instant message, text, and video conference at a time.

Our Core Values are the heart of FCR’s success. They define us for who we are as a company and help determine the direction and decisions we make for our clients, our colleagues, and our vendors. For our clients, those values ensure that we deliver what we promise to them. Treating our colleagues with honesty and fairness earns us the respect required to execute our operations with the highest quality and efficiency. Our values are why we have been named a Top Workplace in Oregon by our colleagues for four consecutive years. Our collaborative and transparent approach to vendor relations makes doing business with FCR a smooth and easy process.



At FCR it is important that we create a workplace environment that fosters fairness, respect and opportunity for personal and professional growth.


From the top of our leadership to the front line colleague, we will always conduct business with honesty and integrity.


Our clients, our colleagues, and our vendors will always be treated with the utmost of respect.


Our colleagues are the key to our success and the foundation of our company.


We believe in being completely open, honest and fully transparent in all of our actions with our clients, colleagues, and community.


We are passionate about collaborating with our clients to deliver the best-in-class and cutting edge solutions.


We will over communicate in an honest, straightforward manner, and will always be accountable for our actions.


We will strive to be a leader in the outsourcing field.


We will build loyalty across all levels by conducting business in the spirit of partnership with our clients, colleagues, vendors and shareholders alike.



grants-pass-portrait-3Our people are the driving force behind our success, and without them, FCR could not achieve the phenomenal growth we have seen every year. We hire intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated people who like to learn, are creative and take customer service to new heights. We work hard, but we also play hard and like to have fun. If you’re going to spend eight or more hours at a place of work, it might as well be fun, right?

 Our colleagues are the most critical asset we have, and we embrace all of the individual characteristics that make them who they are. Instead of making everyone fit into a box of conformity, we encourage creative thoughts and ideas from every level of our organization. No one person is more important than the other, and we all have a voice at FCR.

We provide every new colleague the training they need to be successful within our company and coach and develop each person individually to help improve performance where needed. With the right skill set, drive, and initiative, every colleague has the opportunity to progress upward at FCR, and we focus on promoting colleagues from within.


independence-colleague2Our culture is all about the empowerment of the individual. We believe every colleague has hopes and dreams which need to be honored and celebrated. We also believe that all of our colleagues deserve good wages and full healthcare benefits. Finally, we believe a healthy and happy work environment is essential for our colleagues to do exceptional work, and we strive to create that environment with every decision we make.

At FCR, we genuinely believe the most critical asset to our company is our people. Their commitment and dedication truly set us apart from the rest of the crowd in the outsourcing industry. Our philosophy holds that to build a smart company, you must first take care of those responsible for making it successful – your people. When we take care of our colleagues, they are committed to providing exceptional service and support to our clients and partners. FCR’s success is directly tied to the happiness and satisfaction of its colleagues. We create the ideal environment that comes full circle by investing in our colleagues through better wages and health benefits. When we provide the best possible service, our clients grow, and when our clients succeed, FCR prospers, and our colleagues benefit from that prosperity as well.

These are not just hollow philosophical words on how we envision a smart company to be. We back up those words and our philosophy with action. We routinely poll our employees to keep a constant pulse on their feelings to judge how we are doing as a company to provide the best possible working environment. If something is broken or not working right, we look to them to tell us how we can fix it or make it better, and then we do it. We have created and cultivated an environment that allows for a free exchange of ideas and input from every level. Our leadership team operates from a mindset of servicing our colleagues, and they are constantly thinking of ways to make their working environment and, ultimately, their lives better.

 We are not your father’s “buttoned-up, crew cut, suit and tie wearing” call center here at FCR. We don’t fit the mold. We break it and re-define it. We don’t play by the old rules. We push our boundaries and re-write the rule book. We don’t ever say, “we can’t do that,” but instead ask, “how can we make that work?”

 FCR fosters a culture of open and honest feedback to evolve and improve our processes constantly. Our performance management style stresses coaching and improving behaviors while promoting colleague growth, development, and promotion from within. Our Leadership team is the champion of promoting that culture and strives to balance the needs of our clients and our colleagues with every decision made. We expect those in a position of leadership to live our culture and to be an example to the colleagues they lead. Our people are not widgets, and they are more than statistics. They are all unique individuals who play a vital role in the success of our business.

Our colleagues and the Oregonian have recognized our unique culture as a Top Workplace for four consecutive years. We are very proud of this achievement and continue to improve every day to maintain a fun and friendly working atmosphere.



Welcome to Oregon, land of lush green forests, high-altitude mountain ranges, and the breathtaking beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Get lost in the Big Sky Country of Montana, where the plains stretch across the state to meet the rugged Rocky Mountains. FCR communities are tucked away in small to mid-sized towns full of hard-working, unique people and surrounded by an abundance of beauty.

Operating 7 US centers in Roseburg, Grants Pass, Coos Bay, Veneta, and Independence, Oregon, and Great Falls, and Butte, Montana, we are proud to support and be a part of the communities that play a pivotal role in our success story.

Unlike other outsourcers who ship jobs overseas or build massive call centers in large cities, FCR has created a paradigm shift in the outsourcing industry. Unlike other outsourcing companies, we focus on building centers in smaller and more rural communities to have a more positive impact and a closer relationship with the people, businesses, and organizations that support each of our locations. In our experience, centers that become too large lose the pulse of their company, erode their culture, and ultimately fall out of touch. Our strategy is to keep our call centers in smaller “pod-sized” facilities so that we can keep business on a personal level with both our clients and our colleagues.

FCR is looking for someone like you to join our team!

Great benefits, supportive leadership, and the best culture a workplace can provide. It may be time to join the most dynamic, diverse, and forward thinking company out there.