John Stadter
Chairman & Co-Founder

John Stadter is a native Oregonian who has spent more than 35 years working to bring jobs to communities in the state. His unique perspective blends the financial savvy of his CFO background with a belief that people succeed best when there is openness and transparency. After 10 years of experiencing the outsourcing industry on a large scale he joined with Matthew in 2005 to create a company that would allow our clients, our colleagues and leadership to work together toward the common goal of providing a unique and wholesome customer experience. John resides in Eugene where he enjoys running, tennis, golf and backpacking. He is married and has a son in college.

Matthew Achak
President & Founder

Matthew Achak is a born salesman who has been involved in the outsourcing industry in some form or another for almost 20 years. Before co-founding FCR in 2005, Matthew was the Director of Sales for a $4 billion multinational provider. Prior to that he was the EVP of Sales for a mid sized domestic based outsourcer. Matthew has also worked in software, high tech and IVR sales in the past. He is a firm believer in giving people the tools they need to succeed and then getting out of the way. Matthew enjoys snowboarding, soccer, good literature, listening to the Grateful Dead and eating well. He currently resides in Seattle with his wife and 2 boys.

Katheryn Carnahan
Chief Operating Officer

Katheryn Carnahan has been leading the Operations team at FCR since 2009. Prior to joining FCR, she ran both large and small contact centers in the  wireless, consumer product, and entertainment industries.  Katheryn is passionate about creating a culture that brings out the very best in people and where people can have extraordinary customer interactions. Prior to FCR, Katheryn previously held leadership roles with US Celluar, Starbucks Coffee Company, CD Baby, and other customer-centric organizations. She likes camping, art, and spending time with family.  Katheryn lives in Eugene with her daughter, a terrier, a pug, and eight chickens.


John Charley

John Charley joined FCR in 2011, following many years of institutional investing and consulting. He currently oversees FCR’s financial processes, which includes: forecasting, budgeting, purchasing, and billing, among others. John strives to ensure both he and his accounting and payroll teams are a supportive influence with FCR’s colleagues and leadership so FCR can deliver a truly community-based effort to its clients. He has made the Pacific Northwest his home, living in many parts of Oregon and Washington.  John enjoys hiking, rafting, and frequent visits to the Coast and Central Oregon.