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I’ve been spending time lately talking with quite a few people about the call center industry.  I hear the same refrain over and over again — “They just don’t care about the employees,” or, “It’s all about the bottom line.”

While it may seem like a massive industry, the contact center world is actually a very small one. You run into leaders who move from one large provider to another throughout their careers. Mostly they are looking to increase their skills and salary. On occasion, you will find the exceptions — the ones who know what they want. They are looking for the company who doesn’t base every decision solely on profit margins. They are looking for the company who truly cares about their people. They are looking for the company who walks the walk.  They want a job where their decisions impact the success of the company.

They are looking for FCR. This is the place. I found it. We are right here. We do care about our colleagues. We do invest in our future. We do plan for success based on quality and not just quantity.  IT CAN WORK THIS WAY.  We are living proof that you can be an engaged employer and still be profitable.  You can care about your colleagues and building communities instead of building just a bottom line.

Does this resonate with you?  Are you looking for that nirvana of contact centers where you do have a positive impact on the business and lives of your colleagues? Are you a leader who cares?


Lori Ann Sullivan
Vice President of Human Resources

Lori Ann Sullivan possesses over 25 years of experience as an HR professional in healthcare, internet, and BPO industries.  She has held Director or VP level positions for the past 10 years.  She worked the past 7 years for two major outsourcers before joining FCR in 2013. Lori Ann is proud graduate of Thiel College with BA in Sociology.


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Cari Velardo McGraw
04/27/2016 7:26 pm

Well written! FCR is an amazing employer. FCR provides a caring and fun environment for colleagues where we all work hard and play hard. When everyone puts in a positive effort the outcome is outstanding! I enjoy waking up and going to work everyday!

Come see why…
Thank you FCR!


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