We do our homework so
your students will give
you excellent grades.

EdTech is red hot as more students embrace online education to advance their knowledge and careers. Students want to learn, and teachers want to teach, but neither one of these groups wants to waste their precious time with technology or service issues. That is where we come in.

As a leader in the growing EdTech field, you need to:

Provide empathetic and knowledgeable support

With deadlines, exams, and planning for next semester, students and teachers have stressful lives. The last thing they want to do is reach out for support and wait until someone can find the solution. They want immediate answers so that they can keep moving ahead. For our EdTech clients, we recruit a unique employee profile who can relate to learners and teachers during even the most stressful times.

Adjust to the school calendar

We’ve worked in academia for many years, and we understand the ebb and flow of the school year. Using our flexible workforce management systems, we scale front-line teams up and down throughout the year as needs change around the school season.

Office hours around the clock

Whether your students are cramming to meet a deadline or simply do their best work late at night, they need their learning platform working 24/7. We staff our teams around your requirements so when your students have a question, we’re always there with the answer.

Improve your customer experience today

Every day we interact with thousands of customers on behalf of our clients. We know what they want and how to make them happy. Let us help you turn every customer interaction into an amazing experience.