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Traditional finance has failed to keep up with the needs of the modern investor, borrower, and banking customer. Banks and financial institutions have left a massive amount of potential customers underserved, paying grossly inflated service fees, or unable to find the help they need to make use of new and innovative services.

Customers rightly have little faith they are a priority for existing institutions. They are turning in droves to innovators who have a robust understanding of their individual needs and who can deliver exemplary service at a fair price with a much deeper understanding of their target market.

FCR understands the endless challenges of the FinTech industry. We have the experience and understanding to address your customer's needs:


Borrowers who don’t meet traditional qualification criteria need a way to receive auto, home, and personal loans at attractive interest rates and without onerous qualification processes. Disruptive lenders have found a new, data-driven way to assess the ability of customers to make payments and are willing and able to deploy short-term and long-term credit at lower interest rates.


Investors who have just begun their journey or have smaller portfolios need a way to access the best available financial advice for minimal fees while building wealth. Innovative investment firms can use diversified portfolio templates, automated tax-loss harvesting, and robust strategic algorithms to deploy high-quality financial advice to investors, regardless of the size of their investment account, in a scalable manner across a wide variety of investment products. Investors can now account for initiatives like clean energy investing, socially responsible investing, and robust diversification without the high price of traditional investment advice.

Banking/Credit Cards/Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

High fees, interest rates, and onerous processes reduce the access to basic banking and credit card service for millions of Americans. In an increasingly cash-less world, innovative institutions provide a way for customers to store and access their money in ways that were simply unavailable before. Disruptors in the credit and BNPL space quickly unlock capabilities for virtually everyone traditionally taken for granted.

What CX Leaders Need in FinTech

Consumers have a high bar for trust when it comes to their finances. CX teams at FinTech brands need to provide best-in-class security and ensure their digitally-native products are as accessible as their brick and mortar counterparts. Fast response times, professional interactions, and adherence to all compliance infrastructures (PCI, SOC, privacy regulations) are prerequisites for acquiring and retaining customers. CX leadership needs to have a robust understanding of their customer’s experiences and build feedback loops to understand where their tools and processes are creating friction for new customers or creating adverse incentives that make long-term customers look towards traditional institutions as they mature.

Seasonality and variability of customer acquisition and customer support volume are typical in the financial space. The investment required to create a flexible workforce is multifaceted – recruiting, HR, IT, WFM, and Operations Management work together to ensure seasonal volume spikes can be managed through a variable headcount. Working with a partner is often the most cost-effective way to tackle this challenge. A strong BPO can advise on strategy and execute tactically when flexing team size.

FinTech Service Offerings

FCR provides a turnkey approach to deliver the best results in the FinTech industry. From startups to established institutions, we can take your business to the next level. Here are just some of the services we provide in the FinTech space:

  • Customer support
  • Pre-Sales
  • Technical and Platform Support
  • Application Processing
  • Identity Verification
  • Customer Onboarding

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