Lessons from Selling

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“Do what you love.” I hear that phrase often. We all do. I enjoy being around and talking with people. I enjoy listening to their ideas and acting as a sounding board. Most of all, I love connecting people and ideas together to help make each more successful. I guess it was just natural that I would gravitate towards a career in selling.

In my opinion, sales has always received a bad rap. Most people associate it with the proverbial used car salesman without seeing the bigger picture. Much of business cannot and would not be done without sales. A good salesperson brings companies together by finding ways in which his or her respective firm can truly add value and improve the business and health of the potential client. A great salesperson sees and understands the bigger picture; they create long term relationships, find ways to help everyone involved, take their own wants and needs out of the equation and always follow through on deliverables in a timely manner.

It’s not easy however. We are an impatient species by nature and we want it all now. We hate waiting and we certainly are challenged by the long view, especially in business.

I bring this all up because a great salesperson is like a great business when you really think about it. They usually differentiate by doing the following things really well: listening to the customer, adding value continuously, consistently bringing new ideas to the table, and always following through on promises made, no matter how small or inconsequential. Oh and they also do this every single day of the year.

This may seem like no-brainer stuff but if it was, there would not be so many poorly run businesses out there, and even worse salespeople.

Matthew Achak

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