Monetizing Your Skills

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Photo credit: Deb Achak Photography

Photo credit: Deb Achak Photography

Is it possible that we never truly reach our “career” in life, but that instead our lives are merely a series of never-ending reinventions along the way?

It’s a very different concept than the one society hammers into us each and every day. We are told to go to school, get good grades, choose a career, get a job and be happy. What if true happiness comes not from this, but only from actually doing that which brings you personal fulfillment.

The biggest problem with that, of course, is how you monetize it.

Now I personally love good beer, snowboarding and listening to the Grateful Dead, but not many people will pay me to do any of the three.

Instead, we must find those skills we own that make others happy while filling a specific need. We need to be able to monetize our capabilities and talents, and that means finding ways in which our skill sets can bring perceived financial value to others.

Taking our own wants and needs out of the equation and instead focusing on what others require provides us with those potential possibilities. Focusing then on what it is we not only do well but also that which brings us personal fulfillment, creates a secondary circle with which we can utilize to then target those real financial opportunities, as shown in this figure:


The money, as always, eventually follows.

What makes life so awesome is that as we evolve as individuals over our lifetimes, our own skill sets evolve as well. As a result, we constantly increase the tools in our toolbelt, and thus have much more to offer society, which means in turn there are many more ways we can achieve financial and personal happiness.

Matthew Achak

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