Preserving Culture And Quality Amid Growth

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I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Jeff Toister, author of Service Failure and President at Toister Performance Solutions. He wanted to hear about my transition to FCR and with it, a move from managing a small customer service team to working with much larger teams.

We discussed findings from a Zendesk study that indicated that mid-sized companies struggled more with customer service than small and large ones. I got to share my perspective and some of the things that make FCR unique in this regard.  Click here to read Jeff’s post about the interview.


Jeremy Watkin
Head of Quality

Jeremy Watkin is the Head of Quality at FCR. He has more than 15 years of experience as a customer service professional.  He is also the co-founder and regular contributor on Communicate Better Blog.  Jeremy has been recognized many times for his thought leadership.  Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn for more awesome customer service and experience insights.

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