Growing Your Startup Business in the Age of Disruption

Three strategies to scale your hypergrowth business.   Startups have reinvented the status quo by adapting to today’s digital-first expectations. It is a thrilling time to shake up traditional markets, but you must first actually get there to do so.   Many startups are still in their stage of infancy, but that won’t last very long. These … Read more

Online Furniture Business Focused on CX Creates Industry Change

How to create a unique total customer experience without the namesake of a Google or Amazon.  This age of business is one of hypergrowth, where direct-to-consumer startups like Casper (mattresses), Warby Parker (eyeglasses), and Brandless (housewares and beauty) are disrupting traditional retail business models and bringing products to your front door faster with more convenience. On the surface, furniture … Read more

Three Ways Startups Can Identify the Moments that Matter

The crucial periods within the customer journey when consumers want to hear from brands are known as moments that matter. Being able to identify those moments is an essential undertaking for the success of any startup. Brands that anticipate and recognize when those moments occur and plan how to respond stand to benefit the most … Read more

CX Insights For Startups, By Startups

Checklist CX Insights forStartups, by Startups Up your CX with these (often overlooked) contact center partner tips We pooled the feedback we received from startup clients on what defines a CX partner that will go the extra mile to create effortless experiences for clients and customers. Take a look at our checklist for: Qualities that … Read more

Check your CX Blind Spots

Podcast Check your CX Blind Spots Key Takeaways Acquiring new customers is one thing, but retaining and supporting customers is another story. Capturing actionable data is an effective way to differentiate the customer experience that companies often miss. There are key ways hypergrowth companies can scale the customer experience quickly and efficiently. Listen to the … Read more

Think Like a Startup with Your CX

On-Demand Webinar Think Like a Startupwith Your CX Tales from Silicon Valley: Embrace the “startup mindset” to achieve true customer experience success. From startup to established (and everything in between) today’s most successful businesses all have one thing in common — an unwavering commitment to customer experience (CX). In this 30-minute webinar, CCW Principal Analyst and … Read more

Hypergrowth Fintech Sees Rapid CSAT Improvements

54% to 80% CSAT Improved 13% Increase in CSAT in just 4 months The Challenge  A cutting-edge fintech company that delivers credit scores and other financial tools to consumers experienced tremendous hypergrowth, leaping from 1 million customers in 2010 to 80 million by 2018. The company knew that focusing on customer satisfaction and security would continue to drive growth and help fend off its competitors.  It set an ambitious goal to expand its digital customer … Read more

Best Practices for Employee Engagement in Hypergrowth Environments and Beyond

Leaders often describe their vision for disrupting an industry by explaining what it looks like from their customers’ point of view. The experience is about surprising and exciting them while making it just as efficient and accommodating. But where does the employee fit into the picture?  Employee churn is costly to any company. Losing a front-line employee can costs an employer up to 50 percent of that person’s annual salary or more. Losing a senior-level … Read more

Stick To What You Know: How a CX Partnership Can Reinvigorate Your Customers Experience

Our story begins with a man named Dave. A coffee aficionado, Dave opens a bistro where he brews up a great cup of Java, but he isn’t exactly experienced in the fine art of good customer service. Dave and his colleagues try to handle complaints and manage their customers, but that’s not their expertise, coffee is.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed Dave’s situation in some of the biggest and most talented companies. They want the pride of operating their own call center but have very little customer service expertise. The result is often a poorly managed omnichannel … Read more