Hypergrowth Fintech Sees Rapid CSAT Improvements

54% to 80% CSAT Improved 13% Increase in CSAT in just 4 months The Challenge  A cutting-edge fintech company that delivers credit scores and other financial tools to consumers experienced tremendous hypergrowth, leaping from 1 million customers in 2010 to 80 million by 2018. The company knew that focusing on customer satisfaction and security would continue to drive growth and help fend off its competitors.  It set an ambitious goal to expand its digital customer … Read more

8 Messaging Myths Debunked

Messaging platforms like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and WhatsApp (among many others) are our go-to preference for interacting with our friends and family every day. Savvy brands are quickly realizing that embracing these platforms is critical to meeting billions of customers where they are, all the time—on their smart devices. As organizations begin … Read more