FCR Announces Exploratory Phase For Future Mexico Expansion


EUGENE, OR – April 22, 2018

FCR, the premier provider of outsourced live agent call center and business process solutions, announced today that it is in the exploratory phase for expanding its call center footprint within Mexico. The company is exploring its location options with cities such as Puerto Vallarta and the Cabo San Lucas regions, as well as Mexico City, as it expands its reach into the Latin American market to address the growing need for bilingual services from its growing clientele.

mexico-people-montage425pThe decision to expand comes after the tremendous success of FCR’s nearshore operations in Tijuana, Mexico for Spanish and bilingual language needs. FCR is now looking to broaden its reach into Mexico to address the growing need for additional languages spoken in the US and in Latin America. While Spanish is the main language spoken in Mexico City, it’s not uncommon to also find foreign languages like Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese spoken within the region.

“As our clients’ global business needs continue to grow at a rapid pace, and the demographics in the US continue to become even more diverse, so does the need for increased multilingual support, ” said Matthew Achak, CEO and Co-Founder of FCR. He added, “With a total population greater than 8 million, we feel that Mexico City, in particular, offers a plethora of language options and service capabilities at very competitive prices. In addition, its proximity to the US and the fact the city sits in the Central US time zone makes it even more attractive.

John Stadter, Chairman and Co-Founder of FCR, added, “While we continue to expand internationally in countries like Mexico and Poland, we’re also continuing to expand domestically in the US in  Montana, and we continue to explore further expansion into Washington state and Idaho. It’s all part of our strategy to offer as many options as possible to our clients as they grow and evolve in their business.”