FCR Announces Further Expansion into North Carolina

The Company Will Offer Hundreds of Work from Home Jobs in the Salisbury, NC Region

EUGENE, Ore., March 15, 2021 – FCR, the premier provider of Customer Experience, Call Center, and Business Process Solutions, announced today it would further expand into the state of North Carolina. The company will offer new career opportunities in the city of Salisbury and the surrounding region. The move could bring hundreds of new Work from Home Customer Service jobs to the area.

Matthew Achak President, FCR
Matthew Achak
President, FCR

“We are very excited to further expand FCR’s footprint in the state of North Carolina,” said Matthew Achak, President and Founder of FCR. He added, “The city of Salisbury and the surrounding area present many unique opportunities for FCR, and we are looking forward to bringing new and exciting work to the region.”

Achak continued, “Salisbury is like our other communities in Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Michigan. Our business is all about finding talented people in smaller cities and towns and matching them with the right opportunity for success. Salisbury has a large pool of talented and hard-working people we feel are the perfect match for our business. We are confident it will provide us with plenty of good candidates who have the skills we are looking for.”

Matt Trebb Group VP of Operations, FCR
Matt Trebb
Group VP of Operations, FCR

Matt Trebb, Group Vice President for FCR, added, “We offer every FCR colleague an opportunity for a stable and long-lasting career. Our entry-level positions also have a lot of upward growth potential into leadership and support positions. We will not only be looking to hire entry-level positions, but also keep our eyes peeled for those future Supervisors and Managers as well.”

The expansion is part of FCR’s ongoing effort to bring opportunities and jobs to smaller but more diverse communities. FCR recently announced similar entries into Michigan, Idaho, and Wyoming in the Fall of 2020 and recently began offering positions to residents in Rocky Mount, NC, in February of 2021. It has since hired more than 450 new employees in those regions.

“We welcome FCR to our community! Their Work from Home employment presents many opportunities for prospective employees,” said Salisbury Mayor, Karen Alexander. She continued, “This is a great opportunity for young moms that have daycare and transportation challenges, including high school, college students, and Veterans looking for entry-level positions. These positions include generous benefits packages, including insurance benefits and the opportunity for professional growth from within FCR.”

Alexander added, “FCR’s employees will need access to a high-speed internet connection, one of our community’s key assets available from Hotwire/Fision, operating our own high-speed broadband. Starting with 20 new jobs with plans to grow to more than 400 jobs, we are delighted that FCR has chosen the City of Salisbury to expand their business footprint in North Carolina.”

As many businesses struggled to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic challenges, FCR transitioned from a call center office environment to a Work from Home business model in March of 2020. In the process, they have preserved nearly every job. The company has continued to grow during a challenging economy and has added 40 new clients, and hired over 1,000 new colleagues in the last year.

FCR will immediately begin offering positions and is accepting new applications at this time. The new jobs will eventually include Supervisor, Program Manager, and other leadership positions in addition to the entry-level positions. The company is currently recruiting Financial Customer Service Representatives for two of its largest clients.

To be considered for a position, candidates will need a high-speed internet connection from their home. However, FCR will provide all the necessary computer and telephony equipment. Those interested in learning more about FCR or who wish to apply for a position can do so at the company’s Careers website, careers.gofcr.com.