FCR Announces Plans For Future European Expansion


EUGENE, OR – February 6, 2018

FCR, the premier provider of outsourced live agent call center and business process solutions, announced today that it is in the initial planning and due diligence stage to expand its services to include a new contact center in Europe. The short list of countries FCR is considering for its newest contact center include Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, as well as Poland. Additionally, FCR expects to utilize the same small town format in Europe as it currently employs in the US.

euro-flagsThe decision to expand comes in part from the tremendous response to the recent expansion of FCR’s nearshore operations in Tijuana, Mexico for Spanish and bilingual services. FCR has planned a Grand Opening for its Tijuana site for April of 2018 with an initial team of 50 -60 full time colleagues, and expects to grow its employee footprint in Tijuana to over 300 full time colleagues.

“Once we announced the opening of our Tijuana location for Spanish and bilingual services, it opened a whole new window of opportunities for other service offerings for our current client base, and future clients as well,” said Matthew Achak, Co-Chairman of FCR. “There is definitely a need for multi-lingual support in our industry, and a European location will provide our company with the ability to handle contacts for our clients in languages that include Portuguese, French, Italian, and German, along with other languages such as Russian, Polish, Turkish, and the Scandinavian languages. It also creates an opportunity for potential European clients to utilize FCR’s domestic operations in the US for their English speaking customers, which would create even more jobs back here at home in our small towns as we continue to expand our domestic footprint.”

Katheryn Carnahan, President of FCR, added, “It’s tough to sustain staffing levels on certain languages here in the States.” She added, “Europeans tend to be more bilingual due to the geography and demographics of the region, and it’s not uncommon to find people who are trilingual or who even speak more languages. In today’s global economy, our clients are offering more of their services internationally, so it only makes sense for us to grow along with them and offer our services to their international clientele as well. We’re very excited to see where this latest expansion takes FCR’s business.”