FCR Moves Forward with Work-From-Home Model and Announces Closure of Two Contact Center Locations

Roseburg, Ore., May 27, 2022 – FCR, the premier provider of customer experience and business process solutions, announced today that it is moving forward with a distributed work-from-home model and will close two of its contact center buildings in Coos Bay and Grants Pass, Oregon in the process. 

FCR Leadership Team
Matt Trebb
Group Vice President of Operations of FCR

“The vast majority of our colleagues have been working from home since March of 2020 when the pandemic first hit,” said Matt Trebb, Group Vice President of FCR. He added, “As the pandemic continued for the next two years, our colleagues made it clear they preferred the work-from-home model and had very little interest in returning to work in a contact center environment or an office building. Working from home has provided our colleagues with more flexibility and more time with family and friends without the hassle of traveling to and from work. It has also benefited most of our colleagues from an economic standpoint.”

FCR’s technology and security teams have continuously innovated over the past two years to make a work-from-home solution more accessible, safer, and convenient for employees. Operations teams within the company have also discovered new ways to create employee engagement and a sense of community in a virtual environment.

Matthew Achak - President and Founder - FCR Leadership
Matthew Achak
President and Founder of FCR

“Not only do our employees prefer work-from-home, but our clients continue to express confidence in our new model and the talent it attracts,” said Matthew Achak, President and founder of FCR. He added, “We remain committed to the communities where we operate and our colleagues, with or without the presence of a physical office building.”

The Coos Bay contact center, located at 161 Anderson Ave in downtown Coos Bay, will close on June 1, 2022. The Grants Pass contact center, located at 128 SW I Street in downtown Grants Pass, will close on July 1, 2022.

The company will retain all employees currently working from each site by shifting them to working from home. Employees who were already working from home will continue as they have for the last two years. FCR’s contact center in Roseburg, Oregon will remain the company’s headquarters.