FCR Sets New Record In Blood Donations


ROSEBURG, OR – March 6, 2015

FCR, the premier provider of outsourced live agent call center and business process solutions, today announced record-breaking results from its company-wide blood donation drives held during the month of February.

FCR colleagues donating blood in Grants Pass.

“We are very pleased to announce that we were able to provide a total of 146 donations of blood between our four call center locations in Roseburg, Grants Pass, Coos Bay, and Veneta,” said Katheryn Carnahan, COO of FCR. “We’re very proud of the collective efforts of our Community Alliance Teams who partnered with the American Red Cross to organize, promote, and execute these blood drives within each community.” Carnahan added, “Many of our colleagues stepped up and donated blood throughout the month of February and potentially helped save many lives in the process.”

FCR colleagues in Roseburg recover after donating blood.

Each FCR location held individual blood drives on different days throughout the entire month of February and competed against each other to see which center could bring in the most donors from within the company and the public. After all of the results were tallied the Veneta center had 24 donors, Coos Bay brought in 34 donations, and Grants Pass managed to bring in 35 donors. FCR’s colleagues in Roseburg also managed to set a new milestone in blood donations for a single site. With 53 donors over a two-day event, FCR’s Roseburg site became the largest single corporate donor in all of Douglas County, Oregon, edging out the previous record of 50 donors.

“There was a ton of planning and effort that went into making this a success,” said Damon Zeliff, Director of FCR’s Roseburg site. “There were a lot of people that got involved and we just made it happen.” He added, “I’m sure we’ll do this again in the near future so we can continue to provide life saving blood to those who need it the most.”

FCR colleagues in Coos Bay donating blood.