First Call Resolution Announces Employee Profit Sharing

ROSEBURG, OR – April 22, 2009

First Call Resolution, a premier provider of outsourced live agent inbound and outbound call center services and businesses process solutions to the wireless, telecom, internet, health care, medical, finance, travel, high tech, transportation, insurance and other industries, today introduced the initiation of their employee profit sharing program.

“We believe that motivating and retaining quality employees at all levels requires a company such as First Call Resolution to think outside the box,” said Matthew Achak, EVP and Managing Partner. “As such, today we are announcing the beginning of what we believe will provide to be a revolutionary way of conducting business in the outsourcing arena. By directly incenting each employee according to tenure, and by aligning their bonus with company performance, we believe we will create an environment where people are excited to come to work each day and understand how each individual’s role integrates directly into the performance of the company as a whole.”

Additionally, Mr. Achak added, “This is an exciting time to be with First Call Resolution. In the future, we expect to expand these programs even further.”

First Call Resolution provides a wide range of boutique, domestic-based outsourced contact center solutions to most industries across the United States. Servicing over 170 clients with more than 300 employees, First Call Resolution is building a new breed of high-quality, creative-focused live agent contact center and business process solution provider to fit any and all outsourcing needs and requirements. To learn more about First Call, visit www.1callres.com.