First Call Resolution Introduces VoiceRun IVR Technology

ROSEBURG, OR – October 3, 2011

First Call Resolution, a premier provider of outsourced live agent contact center and businesses process solutions to the prepaid, wireless, telecom, internet, health care, medical, merchant services, financial, travel, high tech, transportation, insurance and consumer products industries, announced today the launch of their newest venture: VoiceRun IVR.

“We believe that nothing can fully replace an experienced, properly trained customer service or technical support agent,” said Matthew Achak, Chief Sales Officer and Managing Partner of First Call Resolution. “However,” Mr. Achak continued, “our clients’ continuous requests for a fully-customizable voice or touch prompt driven IVR application alongside their live agents required us to build what we believe is the outsourcing industry’s most flexible, unique IVR solution in the business.”

VoiceRun can capture and report on any amount of data as well as respond to voice prompts by the end user. Additionally the system has the capability to capture any sort of numeric IVR input, such as bank /credit / debit account numbers, passwords, user data, and customer account information. VoiceRun can then be programmed to utilize that captured data and allow said user to interact real-time with any cloud-based web service or informational database. VoceRun can then record any data captured, store it in a file, or report on it back to the client as needed.

“It is an exciting technology,” said John Stadter, President and Managing Partner. “VoiceRun is a perfect complement to our existing live agent driven service capabilities, and we believe it is the future of multi-channel automated support delivery.”

Headquartered in Roseburg, Oregon, First Call Resolution provides a wide range of boutique, domestic-based outsourced contact center, business process and social networking support solutions to most industries. Supporting over 50 clients with more than 500 employees, FCR maintains 3 contact centers in southern Oregon.

First Call Resolution is building a new class of high-quality, domestic-based contact center and business process outsourcing solutions. To learn more about First Call Resolution, visit www.1callres.com