Soccer and the Long View

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I love Sundays, for Sundays are all about soccer in the Achak household.

Both boys usually have games. Sometimes two. Oftentimes they will attend each other’s games as well.

As the boys have gotten older, I have truly embraced how much I love watching them both play, even in the rain.

You stand on the sidelines, hunched over in the rain, hat pulled low, catching up with all of the other parents. It’s good stuff and all part of the process.

There is an interesting sense of pride that washes over you when watching your son or your daughter play organized sports. Deep down you want them to succeed but at the same time you hope they keep things in perspective no matter the end result. It’s a balance, because after all, it’s only a game.

My sons are lucky. They are each blessed with a soccer team comprised of great kids who play the game the right way. Each has played on the same team for years now. Passing and moving without the ball is emphasized while the final score is de-emphasized. Playing the beautiful game as a team is a requirement, as is performing to your utmost potential. While some teams may focus on the end score, their teams luckily are more interested in how the team performs as, well, a team.

The most interesting aspect is that the more the coaches stress a team-playing style, the more each individual seems to improve alongside the whole. It’s impressive to watch, especially as it evolves over a 4-5 year period.

In many ways, it’s a lot like business.

A short-term gain mentality only gets you so far, in life as well as in business. To achieve greatness in anything, you must be focused on the bigger picture rather than the immediate opportunity.

Now, not everyone gets that concept and as you run across those parents throwing temper tantrums on the field or those coaches gaming the system, keep in mind those in business willing to sacrifice a successful long term strategy of success for a short-term gain.

Those are the ones you should steer clear of, for the long view always wins.


Matthew Achak

Matthew Achak is the President and Co-Founder of FCR.  His role within FCR involves actively managing all company wide sales, marketing, business development, social media, public relations, client facing communications, and ongoing program growth. Founded in 2005 in Roseburg, OR , FCR is the most respected outsource provider in the industry.

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