Socially-Conscious Outsourcing

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We can’t be alone.

I come back to this again and again when considering our place in the outsourcing industry; and yet, I have seen very little evidence to support the idea that anyone exists like FCR.

Since our founding in 2005, First Call Resolution has always embraced the basic philosophy that we have a higher social responsibility when building a company. Ideas such as values-based management and corporate culture as a differentiator resonated with us personally and professionally. These were the touchstones we truly cared about and would become the foundation of FCR as it is today.

Profits and margins were and still are important, and every well run business must focus on the bottom line to be successful. John and I, however, wished to take things beyond that. We wanted to build a legacy: something that would last and that could potentially change our industry for the better.

Our goal was to create a unique model which would resonate far beyond the obvious. We wanted all colleagues to view themselves as true owners in our company. Implementing ideas such as higher agent pay, bi-annual raises, health benefits, career-pathing and company wide profit sharing, we believed we could create actual careers where previously there had been none.

Listening to  executives at large, publicly-held outsourcers speak at trade shows, you would think that every single one of them had the highest paid, most engaged and happiest employees in the business. Reality is of course just the opposite. Front line agents are often treated poorly and provided with few financial incentives or career-pathing. There is no substantial reinvestment back into their employee base and communities.

Unfortunately, our industry has become so highly commoditized and desensitized to these ideas that we have lost track of what is important in business as in life. Employees are sometimes viewed as nothing more than widgets, to be hired, moved around and terminated at whim without a second thought for their own personal hopes, goals and dreams.

We should be ashamed and yet the industry remains unchanged. Why are companies content with poorly run outsourcers who show little regard for their employees by paying them  very little and creating toxic work environments in the process?

While our part in the overall big picture of outsourcing is small, First Call is growing and we believe our message will continue to spread. Our partners understand that there is another option when considering an outsourcer. They don’t have to accept mediocrity, greed and dishonesty.

FCR is by no means perfect; our product remains our culture as well as our people, and as people we make mistakes. We are human after all.

However, we believe our honesty, company philosophies and corporate culture will continue to be the concepts that differentiate us going forward and continue to keep our employees loyal and our clients delighted.

It is possible, after all, to build a socially-conscious yet financially profitable company in the outsourcing industry. We have always believed that things must eventually change, and we will continue to do our part by leading with our values.

Matthew Achak

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