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FCR Announces Expansion into Michigan

Share this article: The decision is part of the company’s pledge to strengthen its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion EUGENE, Ore., September 8, 2020 – FCR, the premier provider of customer experience and business process solutions, announced today that...
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FCR Announces Expansion to Idaho Falls, Idaho

Share this article: The Company Will Offer 300+ New Work from Home Jobs in 2020 EUGENE, Ore., August 5, 2020 – FCR, the premier provider of customer experience and business process solutions, announced today that it would expand its operations...
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5 Ways Support Teams Use Slack to Improve Communication

Share this article: Slack has taken the world of communication by storm and seems to be doing a good job of slimming down the inboxes of many professionals. A quick internal poll finds that 60% of our programs at FCR...
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When it's cold outside, the service from your HVAC repair technician shouldn't be.

A Tale of Two HVAC Repair Experiences — Part 1

Share this article: When it’s cold outside, the service from your HVAC repair technician shouldn’t be. It was during the first frost of the year with the temperature hovering right around thirty degrees that I realized I had a problem....
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The CSAT Conundrum: Making Customers Happy vs. Limiting Concessions

Share this article: In a previous role, I remember when we switched our sign up from an opt-in model to opt-out. This change led to many calls from surprised customers, sometimes months down the road, who didn’t realize we were...
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Evolution of the Business Self

Share this article: Can business and philosophy coexist? I would argue that both are intertwined because the better you know yourself, the better you are positioned to set yourself up for success. When you are starting out in your field,...
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Reviewing The Service Culture Handbook by Jeff Toister

Share this article: It’s no secret if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time that I’m a huge fan of Jeff Toister. Following his first book, Service Failure, he’s become a leading voice when things don’t go right in customer service...
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Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken

Share this article: I never use the term hero lightly, but if you asked me to list my customer service heroes, Shep Hyken is right at the top of the list. He’s a New York Times bestselling author of books...
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Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Presentation Skills

Share this article: Communication in Business: Different than College Presentations In college, I was approached by one of my professors asking me to captain the Carson College of Business case competition team. At the time, I thought I was the...
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Strategic Inflection Points (and Beyond)

Share this article: The Intel Trinity of Andy Grove, Robert Noyce, and Gordon Moore. I am reading the book The Intel Trinity, How Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove Built the World’s Most Important Company by Michael Malone. For those...
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