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Reviewing The Service Culture Handbook by Jeff Toister

Share this article: It’s no secret if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time that I’m a huge fan of Jeff Toister. Following his first book, Service Failure, he’s become a leading voice when things don’t go right in customer service...
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Confessions of a CSAT Superstar

Share this article: I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with one of our customer service teams — one where we’re actively working to improve their customer satisfaction (CSAT). As a part of the initiative, I “side-jacked” with...
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6 (un)Romantic Ways to Love Customers

Share this article: This post originally appeared as a guest article written by Jeremy Watkin for ICMI. To view the original article, please go here. I’m a little ashamed to admit that my first Valentine’s Day with my wife, Alicia...
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Four Ways Trainers Can Beat Chronic Power Stress

Share this article: Being a trainer in the contact center is not for the feint of heart. They are responsible for creating and delivering information to new agents in a way that’s engaging and prepares them for the “real world”...
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A 360 Degree Look at First Contact Resolution

Share this article: Solving the problem of "First Call Resolution " #custserv chat #represent #CCDemo @AlHopper_ @jtwatkin @toister @NealTopf @justinmrobbins — Marsha Collier (@MarshaCollier) October 26, 2016 I recently had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion on...
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Customer Service Stop Words

Share this article: I’ve written extensively in the past about my dislike for the word “Unfortunately” and the importance of removing it from our customer service vocabulary. I had a boss once that disliked the word so much so that...
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The Lost Art of Saying “I’m Sorry.”

Share this article: Photo Credit: Frankie Leon via Creative Commons license Do you know what a brake booster is?  Neither do I.  But apparently the one on my car is broken.  In the past I have not withheld my fondness...
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The Importance of Call Center Jobs

  I often read disparaging remarks about call center jobs. These articles lament the decline in high paying manufacturing and timber jobs while claiming they are being replaced with low paying call center jobs, implying the economy is weaker as…

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Perils of Commoditization

  One of the biggest mistakes you can make in business is allowing your product or service offering to become commoditized. It is inevitable that price will be an issue no matter what industry you are involved in, however a…

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October Ramblings

  A few thoughts for today. In business as well as in life, the one quality I always strive to be is memorable. I will never be as smart, as handsome, or as tall as others, but being memorable is…

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