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The Subtle Differences Between Good and Bad Customer Service

Share this article: I recently spent some time with some of our star colleagues who consistently earn high customer satisfaction marks from customers. As I shadowed chat support conversations I was struck with the realization that the differences between great...
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4 Myths About Chat Support. AI to the Rescue?

Share this article: This article was originally published on CustomerThink on February 13, 2018. Click here to read the original. A big reason chat has taken hold in the market (setting aside customer preference) is that it promises reduced cost...
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A Recent Customer Experience and What I Wish I Had Said

Share this article: I recently had a customer experience that totally threw me for a loop and had me struggling with how to respond in the moment. Are you good at responding to situations like that? I’m often envious of...
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A Survey of Chat Support Best Practices

Share this article: While telephone is still the king when it comes to support channels, it’s slowly but surely losing ground as the millennial generation flocks to text-based customer service. Chat support isn’t new to the party but continues to...
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3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Chat Support

Share this article:   I recently attended a webinar hosted by CRMXchange titled The Four Fundamentals of Chat: Don’t just turn it on, extract the maximum value out of this channel. In it, Reagan Miller of [24]7 Customer, Inc shared...
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