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Outsourcing With Dedicated Agents is Better. Here are 5 Reasons Why.

Share this article: When it comes to outsourcing customer service you may encounter a couple of different staffing models. The first is a shared model where you pay per minute for an agent’s time only when they are speaking with...
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The CSAT Conundrum: Making Customers Happy vs. Limiting Concessions

Share this article: In a previous role, I remember when we switched our sign up from an opt-in model to opt-out. This change led to many calls from surprised customers, sometimes months down the road, who didn’t realize we were...
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What You Call Your Customers Is Important

Share this article: Since writing an article a little more than three months ago about questions to ask when designing a quality program, I’ve come to realize that I missed one. It started out as a footnote at the end...
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ABCs of Mindful Customer Interactions

Share this article: Imagine my astonishment when the training department received multiple requests to assist with phone anxiety in a contact center. Times have changed. We have a generation of colleagues that prefer text messaging over phone calls and communicate...
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Don’t Lose That Sense of Customer Service Wonder

Share this article: I was in one of our contact centers the other day and had the opportunity to sit next to one of my awesome colleagues, Nicole. I listened in as she worked with a couple customers on the...
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9 Questions to Ask When Designing a Quality Program

Share this article: If you’ve worked with a customer service team for any length of time, you’ve likely encountered a quality assurance form at some point. These forms might feature a variety of scoring methods and include elements to evaluate...
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In Customer Service, You Must Choose Between Speed and Wow. Or Do You?

Share this article: Our client’s customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores were below goal and there was pressure to turn them around. I spoke with members of that team and they cited policies and various product failures as the probable drivers for...
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Why I Fired My Bank and Chose a New One

Share this article: I’ve had an on again, off again sort of relationship with my bank over the past 15 or so years. For the typical day to day stuff they’ve been good. The moment something goes wrong, however, I’ve...
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9 Insights Gained from Opentalk 2017

Share this article: Photo Credit: Jeremy Watkin – Talkdesk Head of Platform, Robert Sur showing some of the exciting apps available in AppConnect. I had the privilege this week of attending the 2017 Opentalk Summit by Talkdesk in San Francisco....
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Building Word Clouds with the Best of Them

Share this article: Word clouds are a great way to visualize what’s really going on within a huge blob of text. One of my favorite things to visualize with a word cloud is all of the verbatim customer comments from...
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