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The CSAT Conundrum: Making Customers Happy vs. Limiting Concessions

Share this article: In a previous role, I remember when we switched our sign up from an opt-in model to opt-out. This change led to many calls from surprised customers, sometimes months down the road, who didn’t realize we were...
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Transform Customer Service Into A Customer Insight Machine

Share this article: I’ve spent most of my professional career in a contact center, and let me tell you what us customer service operations folks are really good at. We excel when it comes to putting enough people in seats....
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Building Word Clouds with the Best of Them

Share this article: Word clouds are a great way to visualize what’s really going on within a huge blob of text. One of my favorite things to visualize with a word cloud is all of the verbatim customer comments from...
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Confessions of a CSAT Superstar

Share this article: I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with one of our customer service teams — one where we’re actively working to improve their customer satisfaction (CSAT). As a part of the initiative, I “side-jacked” with...
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2 Recent Thinks About Customer Satisfaction

Share this article: I’ve been thinking a lot about customer satisfaction (CSAT) of late, routinely diving into their results to help our clients sort through the data and take action toward improvement. It’s ongoing and tedious at times but there...
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CSAT, NPS, or CES. Which Survey Is Right For You?

In the words of Mugatu (Will Ferrell) from the movie Zoolander, the customer experience is so hot right now.  In a world where customers have more places than ever to take their business, and thanks to social media, a louder…

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3 Ways To Find Valuable Customer Experience Insight

I’m 6’4” tall so I don’t typically spend much time riding in the back seat of cars–especially not in my own car.  We had family in town this past weekend so I answered the call and sat in my back…

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