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My Dentist Just Took Me to Customer Experience School

Share this article: July marked two years since moving to Oregon from Southern California, where I lived for 30+ years. I decided it was finally time to shed the “new to the area excuse” and find a new dentist. I...
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Transform Customer Service Into A Customer Insight Machine

Share this article: I’ve spent most of my professional career in a contact center, and let me tell you what us customer service operations folks are really good at. We excel when it comes to putting enough people in seats....
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Can Your Quality Assurance Team Really Monitor 100% of Calls? Should It?

Share this article: A client recently posed an interesting question to our team, asking, “Is it possible to quality monitor 100% of our telephone calls?” This is a great question. To answer it well, we first need to understand the...
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Defining Customer Success

Share this article: FCR is pleased to welcome Jim Jones, founder and CEO of Voyant Consulting, as a guest author to our site. Voyant is a Chicago-based firm that helps clients improve customer loyalty by improving their Customer Service organizations....
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5 Third-Party Customer Survey Systems to Consider

Share this article: It’s pretty standard these days for a customer communication platform to have built-in survey functionality for customers to rate the quality of their interactions with customer service. To name a few: Zendesk asks, How would you rate...
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A Seat at the Customer Experience Table

Share this article: We recently had a client ask us for feedback about a couple issue types that were a source of customer dissatisfaction. Our client was preparing for a meeting where multiple departments would be discussing these issues and...
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3 Ways Customer Service Pros Create Loyal Customers

Share this article: One of the best analogies on customer churn (the rate at which customers cancel) and customer loyalty is that of the leaky bucket. Picture a bucket into which flows all of the new customers that sales and...
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An Easy Exercise to Build Customer Experience Thinking

Share this article: I was sitting in a meeting with one of our program managers recently and she shared an exercise she regularly does with her team. I thought it was so good that I wrote it down and told...
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Leading Off Customer Interactions With Positivity

Share this article: Photo Credit: Rickey Henderson, 1983 by Gary Stevens via CC License This blog post was originally written for OneReach and can be found here. I’m a huge baseball fan— a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan to be...
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The Danger of Settling for Status Quo

Share this article: This week’s episode of the TED Radio Hour was particularly powerful as it explored the world through the lense of designers. The first segment highlighted a TED Talk by Tony Fadell, CEO at Nest. Oh and he...
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