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What You Call Your Customers Is Important

Share this article: Since writing an article a little more than three months ago about questions to ask when designing a quality program, I’ve come to realize that I missed one. It started out as a footnote at the end...
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What “Onward” by Howard Schultz Taught Me About Customer Experience

Share this article: I have several books staring at me, begging to be read — one of which is Onward by Howard Schultz, Executive Chairman at Starbucks. It would still be staring at me had it not been for the...
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Outside In: Aligning Ourselves With Our Customers’ Obsessions

Share this article: I was recently going through some boxes in my garage and inevitably dug into the one that houses my baseball card collection. I have quite a few good ones but generally grew up in the era (the...
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How Machine Learning Can Add Value to Customer Service Automation

Share this article: It wasn’t long ago that we hosted a webinar for our clients that focused on emerging messaging channels for customer service. The shiny new object in the room by far was SMS chatbots. This piqued the interest...
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6 (un)Romantic Ways to Love Customers

Share this article: This post originally appeared as a guest article written by Jeremy Watkin for ICMI. To view the original article, please go here. I’m a little ashamed to admit that my first Valentine’s Day with my wife, Alicia...
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Customers Say the Darndest Things

Share this article: Photo Credit: Brian Moore via CC License, edit by Joe Goedereis Work in customer service long enough and eventually you’ll encounter a customer that says or does something that leaves you shrugging your shoulders and saying “I...
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A Practical Guide to Connecting with Customers

Share this article: Image Credit: Connect Me by Thomas Hawk via CC License I consider myself to be an amateur collector of viral customer service stories. My all-time favorite is “United Breaks Guitars,” in which United Airlines broke a customer’s...
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We Can All Be Thought Leaders

Share this article: This is a modified version of an article I wrote for a recent FCR internal newsletter. Having just been honored as a 2015 Thought Leader by ICMI, I thought it fitting to share my thoughts on what...
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Photo Credit: Jeremy Watkin

Are We Creating Entitled Customers?

Share this article: Photo Credit: Jeremy Watkin Last month I wrote a series of posts titled “Extraordinary Service We Don’t Deserve” and praised several companies for their efforts to compensate for something that was clearly the fault of the customer....
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Customer Service Is Like A Port-O-Potty

Share this article: During my first week on the job at FCR, I participated in a number of meetings to get to know my colleagues and the clients we serve. Many of the details of those discussions are foggy, however...
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