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Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski

The Crazy Things Contact Center Agents Value Most

  In a recent email poll, I asked my colleagues for their honest and open feedback regarding our QA process at FCR.  My goal was to gain a better understanding as to the qualities they aim to put into practice…

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Random Thoughts Thursday

Spring is coming to Seattle. The weather is getting nicer out here and with the late light starting, people seem to be in noticeably better moods. Unfortunately, March and April are typically wet months so we have some slogging still…

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Why Teamwork is Like Taco Night

  There is no “i” in Teamwork. But there is one in Taco Night. I have 2 small boys: Henry (8) and Lewis (5). Unfortunately we suffer similar challenges that most parents do with young children: Fussy eater syndrome. Both…

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