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Anything Else? or What Else?

Share this article: Some of my favorite restaurants are places like Chipotle, MOD Pizza, and Jersey Mike’s where I as the customer have ultimate control over what’s included in my food order. On many occasions at these places I’m at...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: Foreign Language Translation Strategies

Share this article: This FCR Solutions Spotlight webinar from Jeremy Watkin of FCR highlights strategies used to handle the task of translating different foreign languages to English within a call center, along with the pros and cons of each. Take...
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Customer Service in Any Language

Share this article: For many US-based customer service teams, offering support in other languages besides English is a challenge to staff effectively and can be cost prohibitive. For other companies, it may simply be an afterthought and not offering foreign...
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Do You Know Your Customer’s Love Language?

Share this article: Photo Credit: Nate Grigg via CC License In all honesty, I feel a little weird about the title of this blog post, but let me spend the next five hundred or so words telling you why it’s...
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