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What “Onward” by Howard Schultz Taught Me About Customer Experience

Share this article: I have several books staring at me, begging to be read — one of which is Onward by Howard Schultz, Executive Chairman at Starbucks. It would still be staring at me had it not been for the...
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FCR Case Study – Should You Build Or Outsource Your Customer Service Operations?


In our latest Case Study, we’ll look at the cost-benefit analysis of building your own customer service operations versus outsourcing those functions of your business. We’ll take a closer look at the cost breakdown of building and maintaining your customer service…

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FCR Case Study – CSAT: Improving Issue Resolution and Restoring Customer Smiles

FCR continuously looks for ways to improve processes and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is at the forefront for many clients. Our Client Analytics Team partnered with the Operations Team, who manages a client that’s a leader in the gaming and technology…

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Jumping Off

Share this article: There comes a time in everyone’s life where you reach an important crossroads or inflection point. Sometimes it’s a career move. Could be a change in your family situation or even a decision you have been dreading...
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