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3 Ways Customer Service Pros Create Loyal Customers

Share this article: One of the best analogies on customer churn (the rate at which customers cancel) and customer loyalty is that of the leaky bucket. Picture a bucket into which flows all of the new customers that sales and...
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The Importance of Loyalty

Share this article: Why is loyalty important? One could argue that it is the foundation of a successful company. Successful companies build an atmosphere of trust that is conducive to achieving greatness in the workplace. This atmosphere creates a sense...
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Extraordinary Service We Don’t Deserve – Part 3

In part 2 of this series I shared six stories from my colleagues where companies handled issues with money and electronics with great care.  In all cases, one could have argued that it was the customer’s fault and therefore they…

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Big O

Does a high quality customer support experience directly correlate to increased sales? Can you increase your company’s revenues by simply providing best in class service? Everyone has their personal beliefs around this, but I have a story to tell about…

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Extraordinary Service We Don’t Deserve – Part 2

In a recent post, I shared an experience where I purchased a plane ticket for the wrong day and no amount of pleading with the airline did any good.  It was my mistake.  I received the service I deserved and…

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Customer Loyalty For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee

It’s National Coffee Day and I have a confession.  I don’t drink coffee.  [Insert glass shattering sound]  I’m actually more of a green tea or froofy soy chai latte sort of guy.  Make no mistake though, the folks at FCR…

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On Loyalty

  One definition of loyalty is  “a strong feeling of support or allegiance” – Google Dictionary When we chose loyalty as a value we viewed it as something to aspire to – having colleagues and clients who are loyal to…

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