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5 Considerations for Creating a Multi-Channel Quality Management Form

Share this article: This article was originally published on the MaestroQA blog on June 6, 2019. Click here to read the original post. If you had to choose, what would you say are the absolute most important items on your...
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Surveying the Omnichannel Landscape

Share this article: Omnichannel is a word that’s mentioned often in customer support circles and it’s fascinating to see what existing cloud-based platforms like Zendesk and Salesforce are doing to make this a reality. You may want to check out...
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Stay Nimble with “A La Carte” Customer Service Solutions

Share this article: This article was originally published on as part of Jeremy’s regular advisor column on December 7, 2017. Click here to read the original post. Just a bit over a year ago my boss approached me and asked me...
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You, Machines, and the Future of Customer Service

Share this article: As Bob Dylan once said, or sung, “The times they are a changin’”. This most certainly applies to customer service and the way companies deliver it. While phone has been the predominant channel for supporting customers, other...
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