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Should Emerging Customer Service Channels Be Handled Like Chat or Email?

Share this article: This post was originally written by Jeremy Watkin as a guest author on the Customer Think blog. To see the original article, you can click here. The landscape of customer service technology is changing rapidly. I’m gonna...
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FCR Client Webinar: Text – The Next Big Channel

FCR recently conducted a webinar for our clients to discuss an emerging new channel in customer service – Text/SMS support. We welcomed three technology vendors – Teckst, LiveHelpNow, and OneReach – to present at a recent webinar and provide insights into…

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Customer Service To Text Messaging: “You Complete Me”

Share this article: Text messaging (AKA SMS or Short Message Service) has been around for a long time, so I hesitate to call this a new wave within customer service – but it sort of is. Of late, more companies...
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