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Bringing Opportunities To Our Colleagues and Communities

Share this article: I’ve always felt it was possible to be successful financially yet still do good in this world in the process. The two are not mutually exclusive nor should they be. Much of the challenge is setting aside...
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An Annual Affair

Share this article: Here we go Independence. It’s finally that day. It’s finally that time. It took awhile but tomorrow is the big day, and I am so very excited to see everyone. You see, it’s our first annual celebration...
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Baseball’s Life Lesson: The Road to Success is Paved with Failures

Share this article: Like many youngsters at the age of 6, I was swingin’ for the fences on my little league team. I fell in love with the game and continued to play it all the way to the varsity...
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The Keys For Lifelong Customer Service Success

Share this article: Customer service is hard work. There’s no disputing that. While there are sometimes life-giving moments in this profession, there are also many days where people can suck the life right out of you. How is it that...
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How Things Have Changed. FCR Circa 2008

FCR 10 Years Later

Hello FCR!!!! It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years now since John and I first started this company. I still vividly remember sitting down with him in an office in Roseburg, laying out out our respective visions for…

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10 Year Anniversary Thoughts

  Looking back to 2005 and comparing it to the company we are today is mind-boggling. In 2005 we did $730,000 in sales revenue. That is for the whole year.  We do that much in 5 days now. In 2005…

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Motivating Colleagues

  Why are some outsourcers viewed as simply better than others? What are they doing differently? Why does quality vary to such great degrees across vendors when the actual work being provided is the same? Why do some agents care…

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Success and Affirmation

This month, I was asked to write about our core value of Success and what that word means to me personally. That got me thinking… Almost 20 years ago, I sat down in front of my (then) cutting-edge Toshiba laptop…

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On Success

So what is success? If you Google the definition you get two primary definitions: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose Attainment of popularity or profit. At FCR we choose to think of success as the accomplishment of an aim…

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More Fig Newtons and Not Being a Bad Person

  If you have not read James Altucher’s blog, I would recommend it.  Apart from being a fascinating person who has lived an interesting life, he is a great writer with an ability to really synthesize what constitutes success in…

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