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6 Best Practices For Optimizing Zendesk

Share this article: One of the cool things about working in outsourced customer service is the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of industries, tools, and technologies. One tool we work with quite often is Zendesk, an omnichannel customer...
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5 Technologies that Piqued Our Interest in Q1

Share this article: It’s that time of the quarter where we take a few moments to share some of the tools and technologies that we’ve seen in recent months that you might want to evaluate for your customer service and...
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Surveying the Omnichannel Landscape

Share this article: Omnichannel is a word that’s mentioned often in customer support circles and it’s fascinating to see what existing cloud-based platforms like Zendesk and Salesforce are doing to make this a reality. You may want to check out...
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Stay Nimble with “A La Carte” Customer Service Solutions

Share this article: This article was originally published on as part of Jeremy’s regular advisor column on December 7, 2017. Click here to read the original post. Just a bit over a year ago my boss approached me and asked me...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight – Innovations to Eliminate Annoying Hold Music

Share this article: While the telephone has certainly lost some of its market share to other support channels like email, chat, social, text, and others, it still has a place in the customer support experience. Maybe not for all companies...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight – Reducing Your Customer Contact Rate

Share this article: In a fast-growing company where customer contact volume is increasing at a similar clip to the customer base, there’s no shortage of hard work to be done. But is adding more people to the support team really...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: 5 Tips For Using Zendesk Better

Share this article: Jeremy Watkin, Head of Quality for FCR, and Travis Wild, Project Manager for FCR, sat down together to discuss how you can use Zendesk better in your Customer Service operations. They provide 5 tips to help improve the...
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Recapping Our Zendesk U Training

Share this article: Two of my esteemed colleagues, Travis Wild and Doug Gaskell, recently had the opportunity to attend the Zendesk U Live training on November 9 at the Zendesk headquarters in San Francisco, California. Zendesk is an increasingly popular...
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A Survey of Chat Support Best Practices

Share this article: While telephone is still the king when it comes to support channels, it’s slowly but surely losing ground as the millennial generation flocks to text-based customer service. Chat support isn’t new to the party but continues to...
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