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FCR Solutions Spotlight: 5 Emerging Technology Systems and Updates from Q2

Looking back on quarter two, the nonstop movement in the contact center technology space continues. My latest review of the updates and technologies I’ve seen over the past quarter covers a variety of areas including quality assurance and speech and...
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5 Technologies that Piqued Our Interest in Q1

It’s that time of the quarter where we take a few moments to share some of the tools and technologies that we’ve seen in recent months that you might want to evaluate for your customer service and customer experience. In...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: 5 Contact Center Tech Upgrades to Consider in 2019

The text of this article originally appeared on the FCR blog on December 5, 2018. Click here to read the original. Hint: Focus on Agent Performance If you’ve sat through any customer service technology demos or walked the showroom floor...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: 8 Essential Features for your Contact Center LMS

When you picture customer service training, what key elements come to mind? Some of these elements likely include classroom training with an instructor, watching videos and extensive slide decks, time spent in front of a computer reading documentation and knowledge...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight – Contact Center Tech to Watch from Q2

It’s been an interesting quarter in the contact center technology space. Before jumping into some of the cool tools I’ve seen recently, let’s first run through four updates from technologies I’ve mentioned in the past. Zendesk just announced their new...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight – Innovations to Eliminate Annoying Hold Music

While the telephone has certainly lost some of its market share to other support channels like email, chat, social, text, and others, it still has a place in the customer support experience. Maybe not for all companies and contact types...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight – Reducing Your Customer Contact Rate

In a fast-growing company where customer contact volume is increasing at a similar clip to the customer base, there’s no shortage of hard work to be done. But is adding more people to the support team really the only strategy...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: Foreign Language Translation Strategies

This FCR Solutions Spotlight webinar from Jeremy Watkin of FCR highlights strategies used to handle the task of translating different foreign languages to English within a call center, along with the pros and cons of each. Take a view and...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: 3 Tools To Improve Your Customer Service Operations

This FCR Solutions Spotlight from Jeremy Watkin of FCR highlights 3 tools that are currently on the market and that can equip your agents to provide better customer service. In this brief video, Jeremy covers products like Screenmeet, Fullstory, and...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: 5 Tips For Using Zendesk Better

Jeremy Watkin, Head of Quality for FCR, and Travis Wild, Project Manager for FCR, sat down together to discuss how you can use Zendesk better in your Customer Service operations. They provide 5 tips to help improve the way you use...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: Nanorep

Recently Travis Wild, Project Manager for FCR, and Jeremy Watkin, FCR’s Head of Quality, sat down with Chanan Friedman, Director of Business Solutions for Nanorep, to discuss their digital self-service solutions for customer service. Take a view and find out...
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FCR Client Webinar: Text – The Next Big Channel

FCR recently conducted a webinar for our clients to discuss an emerging new channel in customer service – Text/SMS support. We welcomed three technology vendors – Teckst, LiveHelpNow, and OneReach – to present at a recent webinar and provide insights into...
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