When One Door Closes Another Opens

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Photo Credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis

When we do our culture sessions at FCR I usually start with a bit of my life story. Not the resume variety but the long strange road that lead me to today.  Life is full of random events that change your world forever.

One such event occurred for me when I was 19.  I had just broken up with a girlfriend and was driving home. I saw a sign that said “Lewis & Clark College – Next Right”.  I took that turn and four years later graduated with degrees in Economics and Business. Prior to taking that turn, college was not in my thoughts. I was just a small town boy working in the bakery and would probably still be so today had I not taken that turn.

Time after time in my life I have been in the right place at the right time. The loss of one job opened a door to another where I would learn a new skill set. The failure of a venture funded start up lead to the call center industry and to meeting Matthew, my partner at FCR. And so it goes.

Is it karma, luck, the hand of God? Who knows? What I do know is that no matter what, I believed that if I followed a core set of values, life would work out. That is why when Matthew and I started FCR, the first thing we did was lay out the core values for the company to follow. And it’s working out just fine.


~ John Stadter

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