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5 Ways Leaders Can Inspire a Culture of Service

This article was first published as a featured contributor on the ICMI blog on January 30, 2018. Click here to read the original. Right out of college I was hired to work on the customer service team at a small, rapidly growing...
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A Recent Customer Experience and What I Wish I Had Said

I recently had a customer experience that totally threw me for a loop and had me struggling with how to respond in the moment. Are you good at responding to situations like that? I’m often envious of those folks with...
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The Top 3 Lessons I Learned in 2017

This article was originally published on the ICMI Blog on December 21, 2018. While it’s been a couple months, these lessons are still relevant. Click here to read it. Looking back over the past year of working in contact centers,...
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7 Tips for Keeping Slack Organized

One of my colleagues at FCR recently asked if I recommend any other communication and collaboration tools besides Slack. As I mentioned in a recent article highlighting the ways support teams use Slack, it’s the clear choice for the majority...
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5 Ways Support Teams Use Slack to Improve Communication

Slack has taken the world of communication by storm and seems to be doing a good job of slimming down the inboxes of many professionals. A quick internal poll finds that 60% of our programs at FCR use Slack to...
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Are You Using Your Resources?

I’ve been known to dabble in the kitchen. Two of my favorite dishes to prepare are fried rice and frittatas. Why? Let’s take fried rice for example. I’ll open my refrigerator and grab a bit of leftover rice, some ham...
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Write Down That Story for Your Book

Whether it was as a frontline customer service representative or as a manager working with my team or speaking with escalated customers, there were challenges almost daily that exercised my ability to bounce back in order to remain effective at...
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Stay Nimble with “A La Carte” Customer Service Solutions

This article was originally published on CustomerThink.com as part of Jeremy’s regular advisor column on December 7, 2017. Click here to read the original post. Just a bit over a year ago my boss approached me and asked me to start an...
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My heater works again! Great customer service makes such a difference.

A Tale of Two HVAC Repair Experiences — Part 2

In part one of this series I spent a great deal of time griping about my experience with the first HVAC company I enlisted to fix my ailing heater. Still cold and feeling slightly wronged, I griped/asked folks around the...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight – Innovations to Eliminate Annoying Hold Music

While the telephone has certainly lost some of its market share to other support channels like email, chat, social, text, and others, it still has a place in the customer support experience. Maybe not for all companies and contact types...
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Keeping a Finger on the Pulse

Over the past few years we’ve done a few rounds of sports with our kids and had very mixed results. This year we’ve ventured into the world of Cub Scouts with the two older ones and so far it’s been...
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When it's cold outside, the service from your HVAC repair technician shouldn't be.

A Tale of Two HVAC Repair Experiences — Part 1

When it’s cold outside, the service from your HVAC repair technician shouldn’t be. It was during the first frost of the year with the temperature hovering right around thirty degrees that I realized I had a problem. My heater wouldn’t...
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