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Defining Customer Success

FCR is pleased to welcome Jim Jones, founder and CEO of Voyant Consulting, as a guest author to our site. Voyant is a Chicago-based firm that helps clients improve customer loyalty by improving their Customer Service organizations. Defining Customer Success...
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Using AIM to Tell Better Stories and Move the Needle

Can you relate to this scenario? The call queue in your contact center goes from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds — great for a BMW but not for a call queue. After a bit of investigation, you...
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What Are Your Favorite Leadership Lessons?

Take a moment with me to think about some of your favorite leadership phrases. One of mine is: Lead by example. Lead by example got me, as a customer service leader, to stop arguing with customers about who was right...
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A Quality Perspective From a Recent Flying Experience

The airline industry is an interesting customer service study. On one side, United Airlines has come under a lot of scrutiny lately (for good reason), becoming a popular topic among my blogger friends. On the other side, we love singing...
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7 More Technologies To Jumpstart Your Customer Service

At FCR we have an Emerging Technologies (ET) team that exists to learn about the various tools and technologies that can help companies deliver a better customer experience and help contact center leaders manage their teams better. I sometimes joke...
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9 Insights Gained from Opentalk 2017

Photo Credit: Jeremy Watkin – Talkdesk Head of Platform, Robert Sur showing some of the exciting apps available in AppConnect. I had the privilege this week of attending the 2017 Opentalk Summit by Talkdesk in San Francisco. The two-day event...
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3 Metrics That Belong on Every Dashboard

Ruth McCullen
There are moments in one’s career that are defining. For me, it was when Capital One announced the closure of our site in late July 2015. The decision to close the site would impact almost a thousand employees as much...
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8 Benefits of Using Self-Help Powered By AI

In the past, we’ve shared about some of the benefits of self-help to organizations and looked at the exciting new technologies that are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve recently teamed...
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Building Word Clouds with the Best of Them

Word clouds are a great way to visualize what’s really going on within a huge blob of text. One of my favorite things to visualize with a word cloud is all of the verbatim customer comments from Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)...
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Socially Aware

Matthew Achak
When I was the age of my oldest son (11), the internet, smartphones and tablets did not yet exist and personal computing in general was slightly more than a thought bubble. Those times were neither better nor worse. Simpler would...
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When Customer Service Gets Personal

I recently wrote an article for the Relate by Zendesk blog titled, “Blurred lines: when customers want to be friends.” In it I shared my own personal experiences where, after spending long hours working with a “fun” customer, he moved...
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A Recipe for Consistent Customer Service: 5 Key Ingredients

A customer contacted support because she dropped her beloved Winston and he could no longer stand on his own. She and the support agent discussed various options like fitting him with a peg leg, but ultimately decided that it was...
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