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Incentive Programs for Service Agents: A Pre-Implementation Checklist

As a contact center leader, I’ve tried it all when it comes to motivating agents. I’ve done gift cards, bagels, pizza parties, games, leaderboards, and trophies all in an effort to get my team to go above and beyond in...
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Customer Service Week is About our Colleagues

This week is National Customer Service Week, and when you work at an outsourcer where your product is customer service, this week is completely for and about our colleagues on the front lines who deliver exceptional service daily. At FCR...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight – Reducing Your Customer Contact Rate

In a fast-growing company where customer contact volume is increasing at a similar clip to the customer base, there’s no shortage of hard work to be done. But is adding more people to the support team really the only strategy...
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7 Live Messaging Best Practices From Our Experts

Joe Ortega Live messaging channels like chat, SMS (text), and Facebook Messenger offer significant benefit over other support channels. For customers, this often, but not always, eliminates time spent on hold and allows them the flexibility to chat from a...
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5 Tips for Adding a New Service Channel

I have to admit; it’s awfully cool to work at FCR, a company where we observe the support channel mix for dozens of different companies. As an outsourcer, about 60% of our support volume is still phone, with chat and email...
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A Customer Journey Mapping Epiphany from the Restroom

One of the great joys (not really) as a parent is taking my kids to public restrooms. These trips tend to involve uncomfortable amounts of standing around. In the time spent waiting, I’ve developed a sort of fascination with automation...
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4 Tips to Avoid the Customer Service Mistakes I Made 10 Years Ago

I had been managing a support team for a few years when my employer partnered with an outside group on a new business venture called Phone.com. In 2007, in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis, any prospect of new...
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3 Insights from Winning at Social Customer Care by Dan Gingiss

I’ve long been a fan and regular listener of the Focus on Customer Service Podcast hosted by Dan Gingiss and was thrilled when he published Winning at Social Customer Care. The book is a compilation of insights gained from interviews...
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My Dentist Just Took Me to Customer Experience School

July marked two years since moving to Oregon from Southern California, where I lived for 30+ years. I decided it was finally time to shed the “new to the area excuse” and find a new dentist. I have a long...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: Foreign Language Translation Strategies

This FCR Solutions Spotlight webinar from Jeremy Watkin of FCR highlights strategies used to handle the task of translating different foreign languages to English within a call center, along with the pros and cons of each. Take a view and...
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3 Ways to Convince the Boss to Invest in Customer Service Technology

One thing I’m coming to realize about customer service technology is that the cool new tools your customer service team MUST HAVE NOW are limitless. The latest and greatest could be yours for a reasonable monthly fee per user. That’s...
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Finding Our Way in Customer Service

One of my sons recently had his preschool graduation. During the program, they asked the children what they want to be when they grow up. There were a variety of answers. A number of kids said they wanted to be...
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