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My Dentist Just Took Me to Customer Experience School

July marked two years since moving to Oregon from Southern California, where I lived for 30+ years. I decided it was finally time to shed the “new to the area excuse” and find a new dentist. I have a long...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: Foreign Language Translation Strategies

This FCR Solutions Spotlight webinar from Jeremy Watkin of FCR highlights strategies used to handle the task of translating different foreign languages to English within a call center, along with the pros and cons of each. Take a view and...
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3 Ways to Convince the Boss to Invest in Customer Service Technology

One thing I’m coming to realize about customer service technology is that the cool new tools your customer service team MUST HAVE NOW are limitless. The latest and greatest could be yours for a reasonable monthly fee per user. That’s...
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Finding Our Way in Customer Service

One of my sons recently had his preschool graduation. During the program, they asked the children what they want to be when they grow up. There were a variety of answers. A number of kids said they wanted to be...
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More Like Guidelines Than Actual Rules

I love the scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, where Elizabeth Swan, played by Keira Knightley negotiates with Captain Barbosa, played by Geoffrey Rush to give them a gold medallion in exchange for the...
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Don’t Lose That Sense of Customer Service Wonder

I was in one of our contact centers the other day and had the opportunity to sit next to one of my awesome colleagues, Nicole. I listened in as she worked with a couple customers on the phone. As it...
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9 Questions to Ask When Designing a Quality Program

If you’ve worked with a customer service team for any length of time, you’ve likely encountered a quality assurance form at some point. These forms might feature a variety of scoring methods and include elements to evaluate the agent’s greeting,...
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Transform Customer Service Into A Customer Insight Machine

I’ve spent most of my professional career in a contact center, and let me tell you what us customer service operations folks are really good at. We excel when it comes to putting enough people in seats. We are terrific...
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FCR Solutions Spotlight: 3 Tools To Improve Your Customer Service Operations

This FCR Solutions Spotlight from Jeremy Watkin of FCR highlights 3 tools that are currently on the market and that can equip your agents to provide better customer service. In this brief video, Jeremy covers products like Screenmeet, Fullstory, and...
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Kicking Rocks and Soaring with Eagles

One practice I’ve never really grown out of is kicking rocks, pinecones, or whatever as I walk or run. I’m not totally sure why I do it other than to pass the time as I move down the road. I...
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Customer Service in Any Language

For many US-based customer service teams, offering support in other languages besides English is a challenge to staff effectively and can be cost prohibitive. For other companies, it may simply be an afterthought and not offering foreign language support is...
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In Customer Service, You Must Choose Between Speed and Wow. Or Do You?

Our client’s customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores were below goal and there was pressure to turn them around. I spoke with members of that team and they cited policies and various product failures as the probable drivers for lower CSAT. This...
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