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Emotional Intelligence Insights From Happy Gilmore

One of my favorite movies is Happy Gilmore. Happy, played by Adam Sandler is known for his temper. He’s so quick to beat up a heckler (or get beaten up in the case of Bob Barker) and can always be...
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A Surefire Blueprint for Losing Customers

I’ve only ever purchased tires from one large, nation-wide company (which shall remain nameless) and for good reason. Prior to moving to Oregon this establishment has provided me with exceptional service, offering great selection and pricing. A recent visit to...
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Practical Ideas For Bouncing Back From A Difficult Call

By Dawn Smith | Program Manager | Great Falls, Montana Our life in a contact center can be very stressful, especially when we’re dealing with a difficult call. I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about. You’ve had to...
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We Are Thankful For…

I’ve gotten in the (bad) habit of checking Twitter for my news. Lately the trend has been a steady stream of public figures who’ve completely messed up. That’s followed by endless negative commentary. I guess like most news, it’s easy...
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Outsourcing With Dedicated Agents is Better. Here are 5 Reasons Why.

When it comes to outsourcing customer service you may encounter a couple of different staffing models. The first is a shared model where you pay per minute for an agent’s time only when they are speaking with customers. Shared agents...
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The CSAT Conundrum: Making Customers Happy vs. Limiting Concessions

In a previous role, I remember when we switched our sign up from an opt-in model to opt-out. This change led to many calls from surprised customers, sometimes months down the road, who didn’t realize we were going to automatically...
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What You Call Your Customers Is Important

Since writing an article a little more than three months ago about questions to ask when designing a quality program, I’ve come to realize that I missed one. It started out as a footnote at the end of my quality...
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5 Quotes from Chip Bell’s Kaleidoscope

Innovation is a term often reserved for the cool startup or the latest must have piece of technology. But how often do you hear it used to describe customer service? In his latest book, Kaleidoscope, Chip Bell inspires us with...
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ABCs of Mindful Customer Interactions

Imagine my astonishment when the training department received multiple requests to assist with phone anxiety in a contact center. Times have changed. We have a generation of colleagues that prefer text messaging over phone calls and communicate in that channel...
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Anything Else? or What Else?

Some of my favorite restaurants are places like Chipotle, MOD Pizza, and Jersey Mike’s where I as the customer have ultimate control over what’s included in my food order. On many occasions at these places I’m at the front of...
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Evolution of the Business Self

Matthew Achak
Can business and philosophy coexist? I would argue that both are intertwined because the better you know yourself, the better you are positioned to set yourself up for success. When you are starting out in your field, you begin creating...
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What “Onward” by Howard Schultz Taught Me About Customer Experience

I have several books staring at me, begging to be read — one of which is Onward by Howard Schultz, Executive Chairman at Starbucks. It would still be staring at me had it not been for the discovery that my...
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