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Comparing 2 Responses to the Same Customer Service Problem

I frequent the same Starbucks fairly often on my way to work — typically when I have some time to write articles like this. My drink of choice is often Jade Citrus Mint tea. I mix it up on occasion...
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Should Emerging Customer Service Channels Be Handled Like Chat or Email?

This post was originally written by Jeremy Watkin as a guest author on the Customer Think blog. To see the original article, you can click here. The landscape of customer service technology is changing rapidly. I’m gonna go out on...
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The Fundamentals of Quality Calibration

Quality assurance is an essential function in any contact center — at least it should be. It’s the primary means of ensuring that the level of customer service our agents are providing to customers consistently meets or exceeds our (and...
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9 Nuggets of Contact Center Hiring Wisdom

This blog post originally appeared on ICMI’s website as a guest article by Jeremy Watkin. To view the original post, you can click here. I took a Human Resources (HR) class in college. The good news is that I earned...
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Diversity Always Wins

Matthew Achak
There were many reasons why John and I founded FCR back in 2005. One idea was that we felt strongly about was that if we built an outsourcer here in the United States we would focus on smaller, rural towns....
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Selecting a Cloud-based Phone System: A Comprehensive Guide

Do any of the following scenarios fit your current situation? Your premise-based phone system no longer affords the flexibility you need to run your customer support operation effectively and efficiently. You’re in the cloud but your current phone vendor has...
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Jumping Off

Matthew Achak
There comes a time in everyone’s life where you reach an important crossroads or inflection point. Sometimes it’s a career move. Could be a change in your family situation or even a decision you have been dreading or putting off...
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Dude, How Do You Find Enough Time to Write?

There’s a second most frequently asked question people ask me with regards to blogging. To review, the first question was, “Dude, how do you find enough stuff to write about?” The second question is, “Dude, where do you find enough...
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A Recipe for Purposeful Customer Service Training

I was speaking with a colleague recently and he was sharing that he had been tasked with cooking up a training course. He had a bunch of great information to share but was worried that it was going to turn...
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9 Reasons Executives Get the Customer Service They Deserve

I joked with a friend recently that we should create a drinking game that requires us to take a shot every time we hear someone use Zappos, Nordstrom, and a handful of others to illustrate companies with legendary customer service....
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Customer Service Technologies to Boost Self-help

Have you ever searched a company knowledge base only to be inundated with articles, long and complex enough that you were unable to get your issue resolved? Or don’t you love it when you send an email to customer service...
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2017 Social Media Customer Service Predictions

I recently heard Jay Baer refer to social media as a spectator sport and couldn’t agree more. We’ve had a front row seat to watch the evolution of social media customer service where we’ve bounced from one viral disaster after...
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