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An Adventure in Sharing my Calendar

Does anyone actually enjoy doing the dance of going back and forth in an attempt to align schedules to have a meeting with someone? Meetings between two people are bad enough – and it’s only compounded the more people you...
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3 Tools to Better See What Your Customers See

Have you ever interacted with a customer and tried, only using your words, to guide them through an issue? All the while in the back of your mind you’re desperately wishing you could drive to their office or home and...
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Outside In: Aligning Ourselves With Our Customers’ Obsessions

I was recently going through some boxes in my garage and inevitably dug into the one that houses my baseball card collection. I have quite a few good ones but generally grew up in the era (the 80s and 90s)...
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Small Town USA

Matthew Achak
“No I cannot forget where it is that I come from I cannot forget the people who love me Yeah, I can be myself here in this small town And people let me be just what I want to be”...
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Does “No Problem” Belong on the Stop Words List?

I wrote an article several months ago discussing the concept of Stop Words. These are words that we should stop saying in customer service and there are other, more positive words and phrases we should use in their place. I’ve...
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4 Resources to Grow Your Customer Service Network

Have you ever faced a problem and felt like you had nowhere to turn? Perhaps you’re in that spot right now. A strong network of likeminded professionals is a great way to work through problems and challenges with others who...
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Recapping the 2017 ICMI Contact Center Conference

I had a fantastic time at the 2017 Contact Center Expo and Conference in Orlando, Florida. Joined by my colleagues Ruth McCullen, Valerie Gordon, and more than two thousand contact center professionals, there were many opportunities to network, see cool...
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Why I Fired My Bank and Chose a New One

I’ve had an on again, off again sort of relationship with my bank over the past 15 or so years. For the typical day to day stuff they’ve been good. The moment something goes wrong, however, I’ve been seemingly left...
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Reaching New Heights at the Eugene YP Summit

I had the privilege of attending the Young Professionals Summit in Eugene, Oregon for the second year in a row. Last year’s summit was fantastic but the team at the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce managed to raise the bar...
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Can Your Quality Assurance Team Really Monitor 100% of Calls? Should It?

A client recently posed an interesting question to our team, asking, “Is it possible to quality monitor 100% of our telephone calls?” This is a great question. To answer it well, we first need to understand the time commitment of...
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Defining Customer Success

FCR is pleased to welcome Jim Jones, founder and CEO of Voyant Consulting, as a guest author to our site. Voyant is a Chicago-based firm that helps clients improve customer loyalty by improving their Customer Service organizations. Defining Customer Success...
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Using AIM to Tell Better Stories and Move the Needle

Can you relate to this scenario? The call queue in your contact center goes from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds — great for a BMW but not for a call queue. After a bit of investigation, you...
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