63 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

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Customer engagement platform, OneReach, recently released a compilation where sixty-three customer service influencers weighed in with their top ways for improving customer service.  When the question was posed to me, I responded as follows:

To expand on this answer a bit, connecting meaningfully with customers and equipping our front line colleagues with the tools necessary to solve problems is an inseparable combo.  Go ahead – try and separate them.  How likely are you to do business with a company where they solve problems but they are jerks?  How likely are you to continue to spend money with a company where the people are always friendly but they take an eternity to resolve your issues?  It’s essential that our customer service teams be equipped and trained to do both well.

Don’t just listen to my voice, however.  Sixty-two others shared their unique takes.  This infographic below sums it up well. Overwhelmingly so, the experts emphasized the employee experience as the number one way to improve customer service.

Take a few moments to download and read the full report.  If you had to summarize in one or two sentences, what’s the number one way companies can improve their customer service?


Jeremy Watkin Head of Quality FCR

Jeremy Watkin
Head of Quality


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Gloria Santos
10/15/2015 8:08 am

I realize macro’s are vital in getting the mass volume of emails out. However, if you read on any blog about customer service, the major complaint would be the macro. Especially, if the customer has one or more complaint of the same issue. As cx we must make sure the macro is personalized if it is just the first and last paragraph, even if it requires taking more time.


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