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photo credit: Deb Achak

photo credit: Deb Achak

A Friday sales thought about value…

One of the toughest concepts to embrace in sales is that selling is never a one way street. It should never be just about yourself or your company. Both parties must win together and real value must always be provided to your partner.

Selfishly we all want to make our money now and we just want the deal, no matter what. However, one’s goal should always be about finding ways in which you and your firm can truly add value to your client. If your only play is that you are the inexpensive solution and if  you are not adding any real value to their business, you are not going to last.

Years ago, I worked for another outsourcer. I had been chasing a large wireless provider for years and I had finally managed to arrange a meeting with our team and the decision makers at the firm.

It was a very big deal and I felt fairly proud of myself for getting our foot in the door but I was a bit worried. On paper, we were positioned well. We knew the industry, we had the experience and we possessed what I believed was the right solution for the client.

As a result, I had done my due diligence and prepped the executives on our side who would be sitting in that this was not simply a price play – we had to find others ways to help the company. They were a savvy client. They knew what the industry would bear (both on and offshore) and where the rates needed to be. What they really wanted was a good reason to switch vendors besides the same low prices that the others providers were pitching.

Unfortunately, the meeting didn’t go well. It became obvious from the start that our team and theirs were not on the same page. Our focus was all about price, whereas theirs was focused towards finding better way to do things such as process improvement and utilization of emerging technologies such as new workforce management tools.

I was crestfallen – years of work down the drain. I had not done my job to the best of my ability, educating the team where we really needed to focus our value proposition. My team in return had not bothered to read my report and plowed ahead with the same old solution.

It was a disaster and we were not getting the deal, nor would we ever. While brutal at the time, this became an excellent learning opportunity and the cornerstone of what I wanted to avoid at FCR.

When you truly listen to your partners, learn about their business and find ways to make them more successful, you add value and thus are treated as valuable.

When your sole focus is simply a low price with no other value, you will in turn be treated as such.

Matthew Achak

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