Montana Return To Work Bonus

Montana Residents: Did you know the state of Montana will pay you a bonus just to return to the workforce? Click here to find out how you can earn $1,200 just for being hired by FCR and maintaining employment.

Who is FCR? What do we do?

Have you ever had to call or email a well-known company’s Customer Service or Technical Support department? Chances are you have spoken to or interacted with someone from FCR. That’s what we do. FCR provides high-quality customer service and technical support for some of the best companies in the world and their customers.

Check out the video below with some of our colleagues who will explain what it’s like working for FCR.

FCR is looking for someone like you to join our team!

Great benefits, supportive leadership, and the best culture a workplace can provide. It may be time to join the most dynamic, diverse, and forward thinking company out there.

Perks & Benefits

Our goal at FCR is to support our people and make sure your experience with us is fun and rewarding! Our call centers have a culture that allows you to be yourself and focus on giving customers the best experience possible. We believe if we take care of you, you will take care of our customers – and that’s how it should be. Here are just some of our benefits and perks that you can enjoy as an FCR colleague.

  • An unbeatable work atmosphere
    We like to have FUN at FCR, and we have created an environment to work in that is comfortable and that allows us to work hard and have fun at the same time. We have things like spacious break rooms with video games, snacks, drinks, and more. We have weekly fun activities and events, contests, and raffles.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
    Paid time off is accrued and can be used for planned time (for vacation) or unplanned time (for sick time).
  • Paid Holidays
    FCR observes and allows time off with pay for seven major holidays.
  • Healthcare Plan
    FCR offers comprehensive healthcare insurance to employees and their families. Coverage includes medical and hospital care as well as prescription drug coverage.
  • Dental Plan
    FCR offers dental care to all employees and their families.
  • Vision Plan
    FCR offers a vision plan for all employees and their families.
  • Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP)
    FCR offers a medical expense reimbursement plan to offset the cost of health insurance deductibles.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
    Healthcare and Dependent Care Accounts are available to all FCR colleagues. You select the amount to set aside each year up to annual limits.
  • Short Term Disability
    FCR offers short-term disability to all colleagues. The cost is based on wages, and colleagues can receive up to 60% of wages for up to 24 weeks.
  • Long Term Disability
    FCR offers LTD for all colleagues enrolled in the company healthcare plan.
  • Basic Life and AD&D Insurance
    This is a company-paid benefit for all FCR colleagues who are enrolled in our healthcare plan.
  • Voluntary Life and AD&D Insurance
    You can enroll yourself, your spouse, and/or your children. Cost is based on age and the amount of coverage selected.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    FCR offers this company-paid benefit for all employees. Services include counseling, wellness benefits, and discounts.
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Why We Are Different

What sets FCR apart from everyone else?


Colleague Life At FCR

Coming to work at FCR means challenging yourself every day. We believe in ideas like honesty, transparency, and openness. There literally are no closed doors at FCR because we think people should communicate their ideas and thoughts openly. We are a collaborative organization that strives to create an open environment where great work can be achieved. We also like to have just as much fun as we much as we like to work hard. There is always something happening in one of our centers.

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FCR Core Values

Our Core Values are the heart of FCR’s success. They define us for who we are as a company and help determine the direction and decisions we make for our clients, our colleagues, and our vendors.

Did we mention we like to have fun?

Meet some of our colleagues.

FCR is great. I have an awesome group that I work with. They’re super friendly, super awesome people, and very supportive as well.
James Hall,
Customer Service Representative
I try every day to solve people’s problems so I can put a smile back on their faces. It’s very much a problem-solving job and I love that aspect of it.
Patricia Brown,
Customer Service Representative
Take a chance, come work for FCR. Say yes to awesome.
Brian Leeson,
Senior Director of Operations
I fell in love with the culture at FCR. It’s a place where they allow us as leaders to really treat people like human beings.
Damon Zeliff,
Site Director
Working from home with four kids has been a definite adventure, to say the least. However, I’ve found that being less than 6 feet from the coffee maker lightens the load. I’m thankful to work for a company that cares about my well-being at home and provides what I need. One of the things I love about working from home is the commute! Every once in a while, there’s traffic from the couch, but we make it work.
Heather Morrow,