Retail & eCommerce

You need to be better than your customer’s last best experience. We make sure you are.

When it comes to retail, you must have the flexibility to scale up and scale down to meet fluctuations in demand. Sometimes you can plan for it, and other times it can be an unexpected rush. From the peak of the holiday season to the doldrums of the lowest volume of the year, our agile infrastructure gives you the adaptability you need.

As a high growth retailer, you need to:

Compete on customer obsession

To compete with household names and established distribution channels, retail and direct-to-consumer startups have to deliver on a big promise of exceptional customer support. One frustrating experience can send your customer to the competition. We work with our clients to launch small, nimble on-shore teams for nesting and experimentation to understand how to deliver the best experience. Then we deploy nearshore and offshore resources at scale to ensure cost efficiency.

Scale with the season

We help our clients scale in several ways. Our diverse array of clients across numerous industries lets us allocate staff between clients with different seasonal peaks. In addition, we leverage strong networks of work-from-home agents in underutilized markets to support rapid seasonal growth, even in a highly competitive labor market.

Automate with intention

When you’re just starting, it is hard to find and integrate cost-effective automation and launch in the interaction channels that your customers expect. Our technology experts advise clients on where and how to invest in automation to increase efficiency, improve the customer experience and optimize the ROI.

Improve your customer experience today

Every day we interact with thousands of customers on behalf of our clients. We know what they want and how to make them happy. Let us help you turn every customer interaction into an amazing experience.