More Technology That Makes Me Happy

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Photo Credit: Deb Achak Photography

Photo Credit: Deb Achak Photography


In no particular order, here are some more companies that I am loving right now:

  • If you hate taxis and like ride-sharing services such as Uber, try Lyft. It’s a little friendlier and a bit easier to recognize your car when it is arriving. (Hint – look for the pink moustache)
  • For you dog lovers out there, there is a new health /activity monitor for your pooch from a company called Whistle. It’s billed as an activity monitor for dogs designed to provide key insights into your dog’s behavior by tracking daily activities and health trends.
  • We all love our organic snacks. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a company that had all of the best ones you loved and would ship them to you anytime, anywhere? Well now there is and they are called NatureBox.
  • Soundhawk is a wearable computerized device meant to enhance hearing. The aid, a polished curved piece of black plastic that fits snugly into one ear, looks indistinguishable from a Bluetooth headset. if Apple built a hearing aid, it would like this.
  • Teespring is a revolutionary new company that lets you crowdfund customized high quality screen printed T-Shirts with no upfront costs and zero risk. You think up a cool design, upload it to Teespring, and then if enough people pre-order one, Teespring handles the rest including all shipping. You sit back and relax. Perfect for fundraisers.
  • Netatmo makes a bracelet monitor called “June” which monitors its wearer’s exposure to the sun using its facent sensor as well as advising on the kind and amount of sunscreen to apply.
  • For those of you who still do not trust cloud storage (don’t get me started here), check out the Christofle Sphère from the French company LaCie. Probably to most beautiful eternal hard drive I have ever seen. A bit pricey however.
  • Billed as the world’s first internet-enabled toothbrush, Kolibree monitors and compares your daily brushing habits and results, alongside recommending brushing techniques. Does this mean android dentists are next?
  • Finally, for those grillmasters out there, iGrill2’s Bluetooth Smart Meat Thermometer monitors the temperature of your food as it cooks from up to 150 feet away, allowing you to chill with your buddies indoors while you monitor things from your iPhone.

Have fun checking out all of these great products and services.


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