Random Thoughts for a Sunny Seattle Monday

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photo credit: Deb Achak

photo credit: Deb Achak

Nothing is more debilitating than fear: fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of being perceived as being different. Fear represents one of the more challenging stumbling blocks we face as we move towards unlocking true personal happiness.

Few things in life are as beautiful as a perfect fried egg.

One of the toughest things in life is to take a major step knowing full well what the worst case scenario represents, especially if that decision is counter to popular opinion.

Can you teach confidence or is it simply learned over time through practice? I wish I had an answer to that one.

3 things in the kitchen I could never live without: butter, butter and more butter. As my mother used to say, start with a stick and go from there.

Does momentum really exist in life or is that simply confidence pushing us forward and unlocking a decisive decision making process within us all?

Don’t listen to the BS about red wine with steak and white wine with fish. If the food is good, anything pairs well with it.

I believe that the person we are changes drastically every decade. Who we are in our 20’s is not remotely who we will be in our 30’s or our 40’s. We change, we evolve, we constantly refine ourselves through life experience.

Fate is an outdated concept. Decisions we make in life are like forks in the road. Once you start down the path of a new one, you set off a chain reaction in the process and change your future. You can back up, but you can’t go back. Your trajectory has already been sufficiently altered.

Matthew Achak

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