FCR Announces Location For Butte Call Center


EUGENE, OR – January 11, 2019

FCR, the premier provider of outsourced live agent call center and business process solutions, announced today that it has selected a location in Butte, MT for its next call center operations facility. FCR has picked the former JC Penney’s building in the Butte Plaza Mall, which is located at 3100 Harrison Ave.

FCR's newest location will be in the Butte Plaza Mall, located at 3100 Harrison Ave. FCR’s newest location will be in the Butte Plaza Mall, located at 3100 Harrison Ave.

The company also announced it will be working with LPW Architecture out of Great Falls, and Detailed Construction of Stockett, MT, as well as local subcontractors to renovate and transform the property into a modern call center operations center. Construction and renovation of the facility is expected to be completed in the next 3 to 5 months. FCR will begin its recruiting search for new employees in late Spring of 2019 with a plan to eventually add as many as 350 new jobs to the Butte area.

“We are very excited about the location we have selected,” said Katheryn Carnahan, President of FCR. She added, “This building location provides us with everything we’ve been looking for as far as operational space, ample parking, and a central location near other business establishments for our colleagues. We can’t wait to get started in the construction and renovation process so we can bring new jobs to Butte and even more solutions for our ever growing list of clients.”

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, with domestic contact center facilities in Oregon and Montana, and international locations in Mexico and Poland, FCR has built a new class of high-quality contact center and business process outsourcing solutions. The company provides a wide range of outsourced call center and business process solutions to industries that include high tech, startups, mobile commerce, wireless, telecom, finance, insurance, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, travel and hospitality, and various sectors of the new economy. FCR currently supports more than 70 clients and employs over 1,800 colleagues across seven contact center facilities in the United States. FCR is changing the face of the outsourcing industry, one call, email, instant message, text, and video conference at a time. To learn more about the company, visit www.gofcr.com for further information.