FCR Announces Partnership with Josephine County Public Health

The Company Will Provide Contact Center Services for Josephine County’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program

EUGENE, Ore., February 26, 2021 – FCR, the premier provider of customer experience and business process solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Josephine County Public Health in Grants Pass, OR. FCR will provide contact center services to assist the public with questions about the county’s COVID-19 vaccination program. The company will help provide information about the COVID-19 vaccination and help those requesting information determine their vaccination eligibility in Josephine County. Agents for FCR will also provide referral information to clinics and medical providers who can schedule and administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Matthew Achak President, FCR
Matthew Achak
President, FCR

“We are pleased to be able to provide such an essential service to the residents of Josephine County,” said FCR President and Founder Matthew Achak. “COVID-19 has had such a devastating impact on the entire country, and the entire world for that matter. We’ve lost far too many lives, and COVID-19 has taken such a huge toll on the economy as well.” He added, “Like many companies, FCR has been impacted directly by COVID-19. As an example, we have had to change our entire business model since the virus first appeared last year. We transitioned away from working in physical buildings to a work from home environment to prevent COVID-19 infections from occurring and stop the virus’s spread. We are eager to contribute in any way that helps move the country forward in the right direction and prevents any further loss of life.”

Matt Trebb Group VP of Operations, FCR
Matt Trebb
Group VP of Operations, FCR

Matt Trebb, Group Vice President for FCR, added, “FCR will do what it does best –provide best-in-class service for our clients and their customers.” He continued, “FCR has a long history of providing contact center services for a variety of companies in the healthcare sector. We’re very familiar with this industry and have the personnel and the skill set required to handle these types of communications for our healthcare clients. We can’t wait to get started and help Josephine County Public Health with this program.”

FCR is currently accepting applications for the program and plans to initially hire anywhere from 8 to 10 agents. Candidates will need a high-speed internet connection from their home. However, FCR will provide all the necessary computer and telephony equipment. Those interested in learning more about FCR or who wish to apply for a position can do so at the company’s Careers website at careers.gofcr.com.