FCR Explores Future Expansion Options


EUGENE, OR – March 27, 2019

FCR, the premier provider of outsourced live agent call center and business process solutions, announced today that it is exploring options to further expand its domestic call center footprint.

“Once we have opened our Butte, MT site in June, we will be considering a number of rural towns  in the state of Idaho as well as Washington for our next facility,” said John Stadter, Chairman and Co-Founder of FCR. He added, “Additionally, we will continue to evaluate other towns in Montana such as Helena, Missoula and Kalispell.”

“Our business continues to grow at a steady pace as more fast-moving companies look to FCR for their customer service, technical support, social media and back office operations,” said Matthew Achak, CEO and Co-Founder of FCR. He added, “We are much more than your typical call center outsourcer. Not only can we provide a full suite of support solutions for unique and interesting companies from small towns in the US, but we also continue to expand our foreign language support capabilities from our facilities in Poland and Mexico as well. With constant demand comes constant growth.”

Katheryn Carnahan, President of FCR, added, “When FCR began this journey we were one call center in Roseburg, Oregon, and in the last ten years we have expanded that reach to now include six sites in Oregon, two sites in Montana, one in Mexico, and one in Poland. It’s exciting to see the growth that has occurred over time. Our goal is to continue that steady growth while maintaining the core values that have defined us as a company. As we grow into Idaho and Washington we will continue to focus on providing good jobs in small to medium-sized communities where we can make a significant and positive impact.”