First Call Resolution Announces Rebranding Strategy and Name Change

ROSEBURG, OR – December 10, 2014

First Call Resolution, the premier provider of outsourced live agent call center and business process solutions, announced today that it has rebranded and updated its corporate identity and will now exclusively operate under the name FCR.

“We decided to transition to using the name of FCR for a few reasons,” said Matthew Achak, President and Co-Founder. “Our company does so much more than just take phone calls for our clients and their customers. We also answer e-mails, handle web chat sessions, host video conferencing sessions, troubleshoot technology, and offer business process as well as back office outsourcing solutions. We’ve continued to grow and evolve from our original name and thus have decided to move towards something that doesn’t sound as if we are limited to phone work.” Achak added, “Most of our clients know us as FCR today, so this transition just makes sense from a marketing and corporate branding standpoint.”

With the change in the name, FCR also updated its company logo as well. “The new logo was designed to represent what makes us stand above the crowd – our people,” said John Stadter, CEO and Co-Founder. “Many logos in our industry tend to look very cold and impersonal. Our new logo represents the people who make our company great and who are all working together towards one goal – being the leader in the outsourcing industry and changing the way this industry is perceived.” Stadter pointed out, “If you look closely you will see the logo actually appears to be three individuals in a huddle formation. The 3 figures in our logo represent our Clients, Colleagues and Company Leadership all working together…actual humans rather than ideas.”

FCR also updated the look and feel of its corporate website and transitioned to a new domain name as well. Moving away from the domain name of firstcallres.com, the company will now use www.gofcr.com in all future endeavors. “One of our biggest changes is with our new website,” said Katheryn Carnahan, Chief Operating Officer. “The new site was designed with a unique audience in mind. It is primarily intended to speak to prospective new hire candidates. We wanted to make sure the new site clearly explained who we are, what we do, and what makes us different in this industry,” she continued. “Our most important assets are the great people who work with us and we wanted to showcase that throughout the website content, photos, and video. We also wanted to ensure that it was extremely easy to apply online, so we upgraded and enhanced our online application process.”